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An electronic device such as a personal computer normally includes an enclosure for receiving and protecting internal electronic components and subassemblies. The computer enclosure can also protect the components housed therein from physical damage, and to prevent electromagnetic signals generated by components of the computer from escaping and causing EMI (electromagnetic interference) to other electronic devices in the vicinity of the computer. The enclosure is also used to prevent electromagnetic signals generated by other electronic devices in the vicinity of the computer from entering the computer and causing EMI to components of the computer. A typical computer enclosure includes a chassis, an expansion card seat, a front bezel and a plurality of components connectable to external apparatus and systems. A rear panel of a personal computer system enclosure typically defines a plurality of expansion slots therein. Each expansion card typically comprises a slot cover attached at one of the expansion slots to position the corresponding expansion card.

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  • APW Ltd.
    Provides electrical and mechanical design, precision sheet metal fabrication and assembly, electrical, mechanical and system integration, and thermal management solutions. Offers branded products and subsystems in the areas of electronic cabinets, racks and frames, security camera housings and mounts, backplanes, systems packaging, subracks/card cages, front panel assemblies, card guides, kiosks (self-service solutions), air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans, and brushless DC motors. USA.
  • Armagard Ltd.
    Manufacturer of PC and printer enclosures, including an extensive range of products from industrial enclosures that providing dustproof protection and waterproof protection to wall-mount enclosures and laptop enclosures, for all-round protection for standard laptops. UK.
  • Caen Engineering, Inc.
    Manufactures leading-edge peripheral storage enclosures and peripheral device housings, including large-capacity enclosures for SCSI, LVD, fibre as well as PATA and SAN applications, custom-engineered tower, rackmount, desktop, Tel-Co and universal (3-in-1 Chassis) along with custom-configured models for RAID, JBOD, file servers, general purpose computer systems and peripheral device housings specific to the application requirements. USA.
  • Computer & Control Solutions, Inc.
    Specializes in custom configured rackmount computer systems and OEM assemblies as well as providing a full line of rackmount chassis, rackmount enclosures, rackmount keyboards and rackmount accessories. Products include rack server chassis and enclosures, drive chassis and enclosures, rack cabinets, power supplies, CPU cards, passive backplanes, rackmount monitors, rackmount keyboards and rackmount accessories. USA.
  • DSM Manufacturing Co.
    Precision sheet metal job shop providing full service custom manufacturing, ranging from pre-production design through production manufacturing. Specializes in chassis, panels, enclosures, and brackets for customers with critical cosmetic standards and tight dimensional tolerances. USA.
  • Enhance Technology, Inc.
    Specializes in design and manufacture application specific external enclosure, supplies a complete line of branded storage disk array, rackmount enclosure, and RAID subsystem through distributors, VARs, system integrators. Provides comprehensive product line such as removable hard drive racks, RAID ready backplanes, disk array enclosures to the system integrators and storage DIY hobbyists. USA.
  • Envirosafe Technologies, Inc.
    Offers standard nema computer enclosures, PC enclosures, computer cabinets and computer security enclosures, featuring the benefits of prevention the dust, oil, and other abrasive airborne contaminants found in the workplace from damaging computers and related equipment. USA.
  • JMR Electronics, Inc.
    Specializes in fully integrated turnkey storage solutions for the VAR channel, focused on disk-to-disk back-up, disaster recovery and secondary tiered storage. Full in-house manufacturing of sheet metal, plastic injection, metal shop, molding, paint shop, graphics application, cable assembly, final assembly, test, packaging, and circuit boards. USA.
  • Sliger Designs
    Manufactures rackmount ATX PC enclosures, rackmount PICMG enclosures, 4U universal 17" depth rackmount PC enclosure, wall mount PCs and servers, rackmount drive enclosures, desktop embedded appliance, bezel and bezel less panel mount LCD PC, LCD/VGA OEM panel mount display, and NEMA wall mount. USA.
  • Starking Technology Corp.
    External hard drive enclosure manufacturer and distributor, specializes in external drive enclosure for total storage solution, including single or multiple external hard drive enclosure for USB, IEEE 1394 FireWire, fast/ wide/ differential/ LVD SCSI, RAID Systems, PCMCIA and external cables. Taiwan, China.
  • Transduction
    Designs and manufactures industrial panel and rack mount computers, SCSI and fibre channel disk storage systems, flat panel and rack mount monitors and OEM electrical and electronics enclosures. Also offers highly OPTO-22 based high density computer I/O components and systems for monitoring and control. USA.

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