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  • Bud Industries, Inc.
    Manufactures electronic enclosures, standard electronic enclosures, communications cabinets/racks, custom electronic enclosures, accessories, brackets, card racks, cabinet racks, open racks, server cabinets, co-location cabinets, brackets, locking caster, econoglas and plexiglas doors. USA.
  • Emcor Enclosures
    Manufactures rugged heavy duty enclosure, shielded enclosure system meeting FCC specifications, advanced networking packaging solution for datacom professionals, electronic workstation system with rack mount capabilities, seismic enclosures, modified standard enclosures and consoles. USA.
  • Engineered Data Products, Inc.
    Specializes in supplying ergonomic technical furniture, command consoles, technology enclosures, telecom products, and multi-media storage systems. Products include enclosures, flat panel consoles, command consoles, technical furniture, specialty furniture, server room accessories, and media storage. USA.
  • Envirosealed, Inc.
    Manufacturer of standard and custom-designed computer enclosure products, including computer enclosures, rackmount enclosures, printer enclosures, computer kiosks and fully integrated workstations, and custom-designed computer and printer enclosures. USA.
  • Magnetic Shield Corporation
    Supplier of custom magnetic shields, room and wall EMF shields and magnetic shielding material. Typical applications include crt monitor shields, room and wall shields, NASA satellites, heart monitors, US Navy submarines, computer hardware, check readers, and lasers. USA.
  • Rose+Bopla Enclosures
    Manufactures an extensive line of off-the-shelf enclosures, machine control enclosures, and suspension arm systems. Features watertight enclosures in aluminum, fiberglass, polyamide, polycarbonate, ABS, and stainless steel. Also supplies instrumentation housings, machine control enclosures, handheld enclosures, and suspension arm systems. USA.
  • Strongarm, Inc.
    Manufacturer of operator interface mountings and systems ranging from articulating arms and stainless steel enclosures to integrated displays and keyboards, for a variety of industrial applications, including pharmaceutical, food, transportation, manufacturing and communications. USA.

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