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  • Able National Corporation
    Supplier of various combinations and laminates, special configuration containers for computer and electrical components, electrical switch and outlet box insulators, UV shields, cover plate, promotional and educational magnets, speaker name plates and accessory panels, switch plate decorator covers, filter media frames, coin holder inserts, and counter displays. USA.
  • Armor Metal Group
    Contract manufacturing for industrial OEM's including dampers, expansion joints, shipping containers, conveyors, waste treatment and specialty machinery. Industrial finishing systems include washers, ovens and turnkey finishing systems. Custom manufacturing of specialty vehicles including mobile medical units. USA.
  • ECS Composites
    Designer and manufacturer of transit cases, rackmount cases and transportable enclosures for commercial and military electronic equipment. Specializes in compression molded thermoset composite cases, thermoplastic composite cases, and rotational molded polyethylene cases. Also manufactures custom molded composite, rotomolded and thermoformed parts and the sophisticated tools and molds required for all its products. USA.
  • Hardigg Europe
    Designs, develops, tests, manufactures and distributes rotationally and injection moulded reusable cases and containers for technical, industrial, and defence related applications. Products include rack mount container, flange mount case, laptop cases, field desk/mobile office, rapid deployment containers, pallet cushioning systems, footlocker, custom-designed transport containers, and plasma screen monitor container. UK.
  • Hardigg Industries, Inc.
    Offers a wide range of standard COTS cases for scientific, industrial, military, and commercial equipment systems, and an array of molded reusable containers including single-lid (including flange mounts), double-entry rack-mounted (including mobile workstations), and customized (including deck versions). USA.
  • Quantum Scientific Inc.
    Specializes in the design and fabrication of custom welded rigidized aluminum shipping cases, transit cases, and rackmount cases for both commercial and military applications. Products include shipping cases, rackmount cases, transit cases, laptop cases, computer cases, monitor cases, military cases, panel mount cases, collapsible cases, and custom cases. Canada.
  • Star Case Manufacturing Co., Inc.
    Specializes in reusable electronics & fragile device packaging products, manufactures containers which are fully compliant with all applicable ATA specification 300, category 1 parameters. Products include rack cases, LCD display cases, plasma display cases, multiple laptop cases, rack drawers, keyboard drawers, shock isolators, rack shelves, military cases, server racks, relay racks, network racks, equipment enclosures, and aluminum carry cases. USA.
  • TCP Reliable
    Designs and manufactures temperature controlled solutions for the pharmaceutical/life science industry , food packaging, and fragile components electronics industry. Products include gel packs / phase change materials, insulated shipping containers, pre-qualified shipping containers, protective packaging, monitoring devices, and regulated packaging products. USA.
  • Volunteer Case and Container, LLC
    Manufactures a wide spectrum of shipping cases, ranging from large crates for shipping equipment in excess of 15,000 lbs, to small military cases and computer, laptop, monitor and video equipment shipping cases, carrying cases, plastic cases, crates and containers. USA.

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