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Environmental test chambers are utilized in order to test a variety of electronic components or assemblies under simulated environmental conditions. Electrical components, and in particular, computer hard drive data storage units are normally tested in an environmental test chamber in order to assure that the hard drive can operate under pre-selected temperature and humidity conditions frequently encountered during its use. An environmental test chamber used to test computer hard drives consist of one or two chambers. One chamber provides a controlled environmental space for the items under test, and is designed to provide heat and cool large numbers of disk drives. The second tester chamber is an auxiliary chamber separated by a partition and typically provides a space for the tester hardware. The hard drives are stacked within the first chamber in a pre-selected array. The central processing units responsible for controlling the operation of the hard drives are placed within the second chamber. The CPUs and hard drives are maintained in electrical connection by one or more electrical cables passing through the partition. Electromagnetic field test chambers are developed to provide shielding from external electromagnetic radiation as well as to provide an environment in which standardized electromagnetic radiation test procedures could be developed for many types of radiation sources. Mode stirred chambers are used for testing electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices and the susceptibility of electronic devices to electromagnetic radiation found in the devices' operating environments.

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  • Associated Environmental Systems
    Designs and manufactures standard and customized environmental chambers used for electronics, aerospace, defense, scientific and medical laboratories, manufacturing research and development. Products vary in size from small bench top chambers to very large walk-in environmental rooms. USA.
  • BMA Inc.
    Manufactures a complete line of environmental test chambers, ovens, walk-in rooms, thermal shock and stress screening chambers. Products include mechanical refrigeration chambers, floor model type humidity chambers, CO2 / LN2 chambers, walk-in rooms, fast rate thermal cycling chambers, thermal shock chambers, salt spray/fog chambers. USA.
  • Climatic Testing Systems, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment used to simulate and control environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and pressure. Products include calorimeter and durability test stands for automotive air conditioning systems and components, calorimeters and psychrometric rooms for commercial/residential HVAC products, conditioned air supply systems for engine testing; drive in chambers for vehicle testing and environmental chambers, environmental rooms and low temperature freezer rooms for the life science Industry. USA.
  • Darwin Chambers
    Manufacturer of environmental chambers, environmental rooms, laboratory incubators, stability testing chambers, stock laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, insect growth chambers (or insect rearing chambers), freeze thaw chambers, energy efficiency testing chambers, entomology rearing rooms and chambers, and thermal cycling chambers. USA.
  • Design Environmental
    Manufacturer of environmental and climatic test chambers. Products include temperature test chambers, temperature & humidity chambers, walk-in environmental chambers, customised chambers, remote air conditioning systems, corrosion test chambers, vibration system interfaces, SMD drystor storage cabinets, thermal shock chambers, low temp freezers, laboratory & industrial ovens, incubators & cooled incubators, sigma range HALT & HASS test chambers, SSC sports & exercise science rooms. UK.
  • Electro-tech Systems, Inc.
    Provides electrostatic and environmental control equipment and services including humidity chambers, temperature chambers, dry & glove boxes, heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification systems, and microprocessor humidity & temperature controllers. Other products include electrostatic measuring & static monitoring equipment (static meters, resistance/ resistivity meters and probes, nanocoulomb meters, static decay (dissipation) meters, audit kits and electrostatic discharge (ESD) simulators. USA.
  • ESPEC North America, Inc.
    Manufactures environmental chambers, including benchtop test chambers, reach-in test chambers, thermal shock chambers, environmental stress screening (ESS), walk-in chambers, industrial ovens, Ion-migration evaluation system, electro-migration evaluation system, solder-crack evaluation system, software for remote monitor and control of ESPEC test chambers. USA.
  • LTE Scientific
    Manufacturer of steam sterilizers and autoclaves, environmental rooms, photostability chambers, stability test rooms, incubators, ovens, drying cabinets, freeze dryers, safety storage cabinets and solution warming cabinets. Appliactions include pharmaceutical, biotech, food manufacture, agriculture, healthcare, veterinary, higher education, research testing, analytical laboratories, electronics, defence and many other technology sectors. UK.
  • Powers Scientific, Inc.
    Offers a broad range of environmentally controlled chambers to meet researchers' needs. Temperature, humidity, lighting, air exchange, and vibration are some of the critical parameters our chambers are designed to control. Applications include crystal growth, concrete stability testing, USP-24 Quality storage, volatile fluids storage, sediment toxicity studies, tobacco and cotton research, drosophila, wasp, and algae storage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic stability testing. USA.
  • Scientific Climate Systems, Inc.
    Designing and constructing environmental test chambers such as environmental test chambers, archive storage chambers, stability chambers, humidity chambers, low humidity dry rooms, dry rooms, temperature chambers, burn-in chambers, walk-in incubators, and microprocessor controllers. USA.
  • SP Industries, Inc.
    Global supplier of specialty glassware, environmental control chambers and laboratory to production scale lyophilizers. The companys primary customers are research labs and production facilities in industrial, university, and government accounts in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science markets. USA.
  • Temptronic Corporation
    Designs and manufactures environmental test systems, compact portable benchtop systems, chambers and fixtures for a wide variety of applications in semiconductor, automotive, communications, aerospace, military defense, fiber optic, RF microwave, medical, critical materials and other electronic and non-electronic manufacturing engineering and production test environments. USA.
  • Thermotron Industries
    Supplier of environmental testing chambers, screening and simulation equipment and test systems integration. Product line features a wide range of environmental test solutions capable of temperature and humidity cycling, thermal shock, production stress screening, accelerated stress testing systems for HALT and HASS, combined environment testing, controlled humidity exposure, altitude simulation, and vibration testing. USA.
  • TPS Thermal Products Solutions
    Provides environmental rooms, environmental test chambers, benchtop chambers, humidity chambers, burn-in chambers, temperature/humidity cycling chambers, thermal shock chambers, vacuum test chambers, thermal vacuum test chambers, altitude chambers, ESS chambers, and vibration chambers. USA.

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