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Clean rooms are used extensively in the electronics industry and in other industries in which a clean, particle free environment is necessary during the fabrication or testing of a product. Cleanrooms are vital components of semiconductor manufacturing processes. The quality and yield of semiconductor devices are greatly affected by the ambient conditions under which they are manufactured. Accordingly, manufacturing processes for semiconductor devices are performed in cleanrooms having highly-purified environments in which various kinds of air contaminants, such as dust, microscopic organisms, ion particles, must be eliminated to the greatest, practical degree possible. In a process for manufacturing a semiconductor device, a cleanroom is used to prevent contamination of a wafer by dust and other impurities or chemical substances or the like in the air, thereby preventing a worsening of the characteristics of the final product and the occurrence of failed products. Cleanrooms have different degrees of cleanliness, ranging from class zero to class 100,000, depending on the number of particles one micron or larger that are found in each cubic foot of air. Generally, cleanrooms rely on continual filtration of the air for removal of any contaminant material which may be present or introduced.

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  • Abtech Incorporated
    Designer, builder, and installer of custom turnkey modular environmently controlled cleanrooms and equipment including modular hardwall panelized and softwall cleanrooms with temperature and humidity control, cleanroom levels from class 100,0000 thru 10 to federal standard 209E laminar flow benches, air shower and associated equipment. USA.
  • AES Clean Technology
    Designs and builds cleanrooms, as well as manufactures modular cleanroom wall systems and laminar flow products, including full-scope engineering and construction management, FDA cGMP compliant modular cleanroom envelope, industrial cleanroom systems for microelectronics and other industrial applicatons, weigh/dispense booths for pharmaceutical applications, softwall cleanrooms, fan filter units, ducted modules, and standard cleanroom products. USA.
  • Arcoplast
    Offers the integrated components necessary to design a contamination controlled environment. Product line includes ceilings, lights, air handling and microbial control systems, load-bearing and airtight walls and partitions, doors, windows, pass-thru air locks, baseboards, structures, fasteners and other accessories. USA.
  • Class One Technology, Inc.
    Supplies vertical and horizontal laminar flow benches, air showers, pass-thrus, work stations, shelves and racks, gasketed and gel ceiling grid systems, clean room curtains, fan filter modules, cleanroom light fFixtures, cleanroom sink station with sump pumps, laser enclosure, critical temperature mini-enviroments, critical control air handlers, process gas and utility interface panels, and control panels. USA.
  • Clean Air Technology, Inc.
    Design and build cleanroom contractor specializing in the turnkey design, engineering, fabrication, installation, startup, and testing of class 1 to class 100,000 modular cleanrooms, P3 & P4 bio-hazard containment facilities and custom HVAC equipment, cleanrooms feature prefabricated modular, load-bearing, air return walls and top deck systems. We supply products and services to the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor, electronic, and aerospace industries as well as many government agencies and universities. USA.
  • Clean Room Engineering
    Products and services include clean room construction services, modular or conventional clean room construction, engineering consultation, site supervision, clean room certifications, softwall/portable clean rooms, modular clean room construction materials, HEPA filters and fan filter units, clean room lighting, clean room ceiling systems, laminar flow work stations, air showers, sticky mats and clean zone flooring, pass thrus, clean room tables, chairs, and gowning benches, clean room storage cabinets, static control products, clean room carts and shelving, and clean room apparel. USA.
  • Cleanroom Solutions LLC
    Specializes in the turnkey design and construction of cleanrooms and controlled environments which support the development and manufacturing of semiconductors, fiberoptics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Facilities are either modular or stick-built and range in size from 100 square feet to 10,000 square feet, class 100,000 thru class 1. USA.
  • Controlled Environment Structures, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and installs for the cold storage, food processing, cleanroom, environmental room, and process control industries. Manufactures insulated panels, cleanroom wall systems, integrated environmental control systems, fans and fan filter units, and doors for coolers and freezers. USA.
  • Harris Environmental Systems, Inc.
    Specializes in providing close tolerance control temperature and humidity environmental supplied to our clients as a turnkey systems. Provide end users and contractors with environmental rooms, clean rooms, dry rooms, cycling test chambers and archival storage vaults, modular dry rooms, D/H series custom dehumidification systems, clean rooms, cycling chambers, and archival storage vaults. USA.
  • HEMCO Corporation
    Egineers, develops and manufactures products for industrial, educational, and scientific industries. Products include laboratory fume hood systems, safety enclosures, containment labs and clean rooms, modular room systems, softwall clean room, unilab regulated lab work area, hazardous containment downdraft enclosure, and filtered clean work station. USA.
  • Lasco Services
    Manufactures and supplies USP 797 compliant cleanrooms, modular cleanrooms, biologic/pharmaceutical cleanrooms, cleanpod, 1751 cleanroom wall system, 175 and 235 wall systems, ceiling systems, mini-environments, air showers, laminar flow hoods, pass throughs, HEPA and ULPA filters, cleanroom lighting, gowning racks and benches, strip curtains, and static dissipative products. USA.
  • Liberty Industries, Inc.
    Manufacturer and distributor of cleanroom and contamination control supplies and accessories, including modular, softwall, and mini-micro cleanrooms, air showers, laminar flow benches, shoe brush machines, fan filter units, pharmacy prep rooms, pass thrus, and clean film packaging. USA.
  • Palbam Class Ltd.
    Manufactures cleanroom stainless steel electropolished tables, drawers and sinks, stainless steel electropolished casework, cabinets, passthroughs and racks, cleanroom stainless steel electropolished gowning furniture including garment racks, benches, stepover benches and dispensers, stainless steel wafer cassettes / carriers. USA.
  • Portafab Corporation
    Manufacturer and designer of pre-engineered modular building systems for endless applications in solving in-plant space problems. Offers modular office systems, modular cleanrooms, mezzanines, modular buildings, modular wall systems, composite panels for applications as diverse as skyscraper curtain walls to stage floors. USA.
  • Terra Universal, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures hardwall & softwall cleanrooms, filter/fan units, pass-throughs, low-humidity storage systems, environmental chambers and control modules, cleanroom and laboratory storage systems, gowning room products, cleanroom chairs, static-dissipative plastics, vacuum sealers, packagers, tote boxes and other storage containers. USA.

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