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Industries and utilities usually require large installations of electrical and electronic equipment to enable them to provide their particular services to their customers. These installations typically include floor mounted panels or racks, each containing various electrical equipment which is electrically interconnected by wiring conductors and cables to various other electrical equipment contained in the same or other panels to provide the desired services. Troughs are generally known for use in retaining and routing wires or cables over desired paths between racks of electrical or communication equipment. Cable troughs are used to protect and secure the incoming entry wiring that energizes a metered panelboard. Wire-mesh troughs are used to hold wires and cables in such a manner that they are solidly supported yet readily accessible. A typical trough is made of a plurality of relatively stiff longitudinal rods and at least two crosswise U-shaped rods to which they are welded. Angled troughs are provided for going around corners and changing levels and T- or X-shaped troughs are provided for forming intersections where several such troughs are joined together.

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  • A & A Manufacturing Co., Inc.
    Manufactures custom engineered solutions for cable and hose carrier systems, offers four standard cable carrier lines such as open steel, enclosed steel, open nylon and nylatube, conduit type carriers, three-chain systems, cable carrier troughs designed for long travel and high speed applications. USA.
  • Electrolink Co. Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacture of cable management systems, including cable tray, cable ladder, cable trough covers, cable trunking and linkstrut metal framing systems, used to support industrial and commercial equipments for electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, civil and telecommunication. Saudi Arabia.
  • Grafco Inc.
    Specializes in the manufacturing of computer furniture designed for the educational environment, products include frame, wood surfaces, cable troughs and J-channels, hinges, cable insertion strip, plastic cable grommets, height adjustable legs, standard widths and aizes, standard decors and colors, flip-top tables, sloped monitor drop, utility tables, specialty furniture, carrels and lecterns, media carts, and crank adjustable tables. USA.
  • Telect, Inc.
    Designs, engineers, and produces fiber optic, digital and analog communication connectivity products, metro access products and power distribution solutions for a diverse customer base ranging from wireless and traditional wireline service providers to enterprise networks and CATV companies. Products include cable troughs, ring panels, cross-aisle panels, bantam patch cords, extreme density bays, patch cords and cables, interconnect panels, interconnect panels, VF analog products, tray-based distribution system, optical media converter and transport system, splitter modules, fiber optic cables, battery/power systems, racks and network frames, outside plant and network cabinets. USA.

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