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Electronic enclosures are widely used to support and to enclose electronic equipment such as relays, computer components, switching gear, and the like. Electronics are usually housed within an enclosure formed of either aluminum, steel, or plastic. There are numerous commercially available enclosure constructions for housing and containing various electronic apparatus. Generally, electronics enclosures have an upstanding frame provided with mounting holes for the attachment of shelf members tha support the electronic equipment. The electronic modules or cards are inserted into guides or channels which orient the modules or cards within the enclosure. One of the purposes of housing electronic equipment in enclosures is to protect the electronic components from hostile environmental condition. Electronic equipment can generate significant heat during operation. The performance of the equipment can be affected by temperature. Performance may become undesirable if the electronics are subject to high temperatures or large temperature variations. Generally, cooling is achieved by providing airflow across the electronics to remove excess heat. Air filters are sometimes installed to limit the dust and particles. Electronic enclosures are required to shield against electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or radio frequency interference (RFI), and prevent significant amounts of EMI or RFI from radiating from the enclosure, as well as provide internal circuit-to-circuit shielding.

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  • AFCO Systems, Inc
    Design and manufacture of advanced enclosure technology for mission-critical data center environments, featuring scalable enclosure for high density applications, engineered enclosure and rack solutions for structured cabling applications and data center environments, thermal management enclosure for mission-critical data centers, railing system solutions, and high density switch cabinet. USA.
  • Crenlo, LLC
    Manufacturer of highly engineered steel frame cab enclosures and rollover structures serving major OEM's in the construction, agriculture, and commercial equipment markets. Also produces a proprietary line of electronic enclosures for the commercial, telecom, datacom, test & measurement, broadcast, and security markets. Electronic enclosure capabilities range from standard & modified standard product offerings, to complete custom indoor or outdoor enclosure solutions. USA.
  • Drake Communications Products Inc.
    Manufacturer and distributor of specialized products and services for the communications industry. circuit card storage rack, computer workstations and consoles, LAN/WAN enclosures, outdoor climate enclosures, media cabinets, equipment racks, work benches, circuit card transportation cases, central office furniture, seismic protection cabinets, and industrial shelving. USA.
  • EAI Enclosures
    Manufactures LCD mobile enclosures for mobile data recording and data transfer, pocket box enclosures, LCD hand held enclosures, universal and plug enclosures, shell enclosure with a high gloss finish, slope enclosures for many desktop control applications come in four basic models, EAI data terminal enclosure, flat pack enclosures, and keyboard enclosures. USA.
  • Hoffman
    Designs and manufactures type 1 boxes and enclosures, type 3R boxes and enclosures, telephone cabinets, current transformer and terminal boxes, Canadian cabinets and splitters, lay-in type 1 and 3R wireway, wiring trough, open frame racks, cable management systems, wall-mount cabinets and racks, free-standing cabinets, modular enclosure systems, air conditioners, vortex cooling systems, heat exchangers, fans, blowers, louvers and vents, associated thermal management products, heaters, and wall-mount enclosures. USA.
  • ImageVision, Inc
    Provides modular, all-steel, technical furniture are designed for a wide range of applications including control room consoles, security consoles, command center furniture, network operations centers, and data centers. Products include operator workstations and enclosures for computers, CRT's and LCD displays, and enclosure accessories, matching enclosures, cabinets, bookcases and file drawer credenzas to complete the package. USA.
  • Kewaunee Scientific Corporation
    Design, manufacture, and installation of laboratory and technical furniture products. Laboratory furniture products include both steel and wood cabinetry, fume hoods, flexible systems, and worksurfaces. Technical furniture products include workstations, workbenches, computer enclosures, and network storage systems. USA.
  • Lansing Instrument Corp.
    Designs, manufactures, and sells specialized enclosures for electronic instruments. Features enclosures consisting of a rigid structural frame of extruded-aluminum modified I-beams, enclosed with sheet metal covers top and bottom for rack-mounted or free-standing needs, and electronic enclosures are for small, free-standing or hand-held applications. USA.
  • LMB/Heeger, Inc.
    Manufacturing aluminum, plastic, die cast and drawn enclosures, including 19 inch rack panels, feet and bumpers, handles and screws, meter cases, speaker cases, adjustable rack shelf , aluminum panel chassis, aluminum panel chassis cover, cap cover chassis, coaxial junction panels, die cast enclosures, drawn miniature box, extruded aluminum enclosures, flangelock box chassis endlock or sidelock, modular desktop consoles, one piece panel mount shelf, open rack, panel mount shelf assembly, perforated box chassis, perforated relay rack panel, rack rail adapters, relay rack assembly, shielded chassis, slide cover or dust cover boxes, front mount panel, optional chassis, utility boxes, utility enclosures, and wall mount panel brackets. USA.
  • Malco Technologies, LLC
    Specializes in electronic systems packaging, products include fully integrated system cabinets and sub-system chassis, engineered custom cabinets, system enclosures, systems with special power management features, tabletop, tower or standard rack mount enclosures, standard and custom backplanes. USA.
  • MEP Technologies Inc.
    Specializes in high-precision sheet-metal manufacturing, provides complete product assembly and products testing services, products include electric and electronic enclosures, cleanroom enclosures, racks, medical laboratory enclosures, frames and control panels, cleanroom (medical mini, environment), semi-conductor front-end loaders, Industrial switches, and bus bars. Canada.

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