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Materials useful for packaging electronic components usually exhibit certain properties. For example, the packaging material should provide dissipation of static electricity and shielding from static discharges and electric fields that may be generated, e.g., when the electronic component moves inside the package or when the packaging material is rubbed against other materials. The packaging material should also function as a barrier against moisture vapor and oxygen to protect the electronic component from degradation while it is being stored. BGA (ball grid array) housing is a way of packaging electronic components. A commonly used format for electronic packages is known as the "quad flat pack" where the leads which are provided to connect a semiconductor device to the remainder of the system are provided on four sides of the semiconductor device and are formed to a gull-wing shape. A typical electronic device package assembly comprises a relatively flat lead frame having a plurality of leads terminating at an interior opening. The electronic device to be housed is positioned in alignment with the interior opening of the lead frame and is electrically attached to the interior terminal ends of the leads by connecting wires. The device for packaging electronic components in BGA housings has a mounting frame, which frames and retains a plastic intermediate substrate. The plastic intermediate substrate has a plurality of contact bumps with connected conductor tracks that lead to a plurality of semiconductor positions inside the associated mounting frame. Miniaturization of packaging is of continuing interest as electronic components become smaller and smaller. It is also a goal in the field of packaging designs to provide modularization so that various sized enclosures can be generated through the use of a minimum number of compatable mechanical components.

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  • Foster-Miller, Inc.
    Specializes in the electronics packaging market for the application of liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) as electronic substrates and packaging platforms. Delivers LCP packaging solutions, including fabrication, assembly and sealing of precision lid assemblies for optoelectronic modules. Develops microfabrication techniques for LCPs, in line with industry needs for polymer substrates and polymer microfabrication techniques as alternates to silicon. USA.
  • Interconnect Systems, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures a broad line of high lead count IC packages utilizing printed circuit board interconnects, unique molding capabilities and thermal management solutions. Provides adapters and obsolescence solutions, BGA/LGA/PGA production socketing system, board-to-board connector system, and offers design through production flexible circuit solutions. USA.
  • Optima Electronic Packaging Systems
    Designer and manufacturer of custom and standard electronic packaging systems. The company provides everything from server racks, cabinets and security consoles up to complete enclosure systems. The company offers a fast, flexible response to customer needs and extensive practical knowledge in tailoring solutions to specific applications. USA.
    Development and application of demanding electronic housing technologies, as well as the design of special electronic components, manufacturers of special glass tubes for technical and pharmaceutical applications as well as of pharmaceutical primary packaging made of glass and polymers. Offers customized fiber optics solutions in markets such as automotive, lighting, medical, industrial and defense. Also offers various glass substrates for the worldwide flat panel display and electronics markets. Germany.
  • Sinclair Manufacturing Company, Inc.
    Manufactures hermetic packages for microelectronic, fiber-optic, microwave, and optical applications. Specializes custom machined or stamped packages including power packages, hybrid packages, microwave packages, fiber-optics packages, feedthru terminals, window caps, headers, bases, and vacuum products. USA.
  • Solid State Equipment Corporation
    Offers complete hermetic package sealing solutions, including systems, package and lid design, process development of the lid seal and moisture removal processes, single wafer processors, and complete process development laboratories for customer support. Sealing technologies parallel seam sealing for welding and high- and low-temperature braze sealing, independent of package body, one-shot welding for traditional TO-style packages, ceramic lid tackers for placing heated lids and packages together in preparation for braze sealing. USA.

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