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A touch screen is a device placed over or above a display which provides a signal when the screen is mechanically touched. A touch screen allows the user of a terminal to enter a menu selection or data by placing a finger or other object at a location on the display screen that corresponds to the menu item, function or data numeral to be entered. Touch screens are becoming more prevalent as data input interfaces as computers and other electronic devices become more ubiquitous. For example, touch screens may now be found in workshops, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and on personal digital assistants, automatic teller machines, cash register-inventory control devices, CRTs and flat panel displays,  POS (point of sale), kiosks, gaming systems, industrial control, telephone, control devices and general purpose computers. Touch screens are frequently used in combination with conventional soft displays such as cathode ray tubes (CRTs), liquid crystal displays (LCDs), plasma displays and electroluminescent displays. The touch screens are manufactured as separate devices and mechanically mated to the viewing surfaces of the displays. There are a variety of detection methods used in touch screen devices, including capacitive, surface acoustic wave, infrared, and resistive (with either 4 wires, 5 wires, or 8 wires). The two most popular touch technologies are analog capacitive and resistive touch screens. Resistive wire touch screens are built upon a substrate that is coated with a resistive film, typically indium tin oxide (ITO) at a specified thickness, uniformity and resistivity. The resistive touch screen works by applying a voltage across a resistor network and measuring the change in resistance at a given point on the network where a screen is touched by an external source. A capacitive touch screen generally includes a capacitive sensing circuit with multiple sensor bars that each produce an electric field. A touch in proximity to one or more of the sensor bars modulates the electric field and creates a signal. In general, capacitive and resistive touch technologies both rely on overlays, whereas infrared and SAW configurations typically do not require overlays. Touch screens can be activated by many different types of contacts, including by finger, pen, and stylus.

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  • Aurora Multimedia
    Manufacturer and supplier of touch screens, IP control systems, expansion modules, IP control expansion units, hospitalty/lodging interfaces, scaler/PiP, scaler/rotator/video wall processors, TV/FM tuners, compact multimedia PCs, pioneer/hitachi expansion cards, audio/video feedback eliminators, digital audio players/recorders, monitoring systems, modems, and adapter kits. USA.
  • CeroView
    Offers a complete product line of touch screen kiosk enclosures, touch screen LCD monitors (flat panel), kiosk monitors, kiosk software, CRT monitors, and card readers. Provides complete end-to-end business solutions for the retail, entertainment, technology, government, education, healthcare, and transportation industries. USA.
  • CyberTouch
    Designs and manufactures specialty touch screens and related products for the medical, industrial, aerospace and other harsh-environment industries. Products include standard touch screens, custom touch screens, open-frame and panel-mount touch screen LCD monitors, desktop/arm-mount touch screen LCD monitors, and touch screen interface electronics. USA.
  • Elo TouchSystems
    Manufacturer of five-wire resistive touchscreens, four-wire resistive touchscreens, infrared touchscreens, surface wave touchscreens, projected capacitive touchscreens, surface capacitive touchscreens, touchcomputers (integration of a touchmonitor with a computer). USA.
  • Keytec, Inc.
    Offers a full-line of touch screen solutions, which includes add-on touch screen kits, built-in touch screen kits and integrated touch monitors, other products and services include membrane switches, conductive rubber keypads, keyboards, injection molding and contract design/manufacturing. USA.
  • Liyitec Inc.
    Offers industry-standard and customized touch technologies, including 4/5/8-wire analog resistive and digital resistive touch screens from 1.4?to 21? along with touch controllers and drivers to meet the demands of various consumer, business and industrial applications. Taiwan, China.
  • TekVisions
    Manufactures and distributes touchscreen displays for any application that utilizes the power of touch on LCD touch screen monitors and touchscreen terminals, including for LCD touch screens, PanelPC touch dcreens, all-in-one touchscreens, handheld touch screens, tablet PC touchscreens, open frame LCD touch screens, price checker touchscreens, and kiosk touchscreen displays. USA.
  • TouchSystems Corporation
    Specializes in the design and customization of touch-enabled products and services. Products included touch monitors, all-in-one touch computers, touch point-of-sale systems (POS), security and transactional kiosks, industrial control systems and peripherals. USA.
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, including touchpanel interface, amplifiers, audio video distribution, audio video processors, audio video switchers, climate control, control panel interfaces, control systems, handheld remotes, presentation systems, tuners, wire and cable. USA.
  • Maple Systems, Inc.
    Specializes in the design, manufacture and support of operator interface solutions, featuring human-machine interface (HMI) and operator interface terminal (OIT) products which are affordable touchscreen and alphanumeric operator terminals that interface with over 80 families of PLCs and motion controllers. USA.

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