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A light emitting diode (LED) display device generally include a plurality of LEDs arranged in columns and rows to form a  dot matrix and is adapted to display characters, figures and others by activation of some of the LEDs using a dynamic drive circuit composed of transistors. An LED device typically is fabricated with an active layer between upper and lower cladding layers on top of a semiconductor substrate. The composition of semiconductor materials chosen in these layers determines the color of the LED device. An LED display is typically made up of various dots arranged in a matrix pattern having rows and columns. The dots are usually called pixels where the pixels are made up of several LEDs. The individual LEDs emit light of three basic colors: red, green and blue. The intensity of the LEDs is usually controlled by controlling the current to the individual LEDs. This is sometimes referred to as controlling the drive to an LED. A pixel can produce a specific perceived color by varying the drive to the three colors of LEDs that comprise the pixel. A LED display is typically supplied with data addressed from graphical memory location in accordance with a column-major display. Instead of displaying the entire first line of pixels as in the case of the LCD, the LED display illuminates pixels on a column basis by providing sourcing and sinking currents to diodes in the display. By controlling the current drive to each of the LEDs that makes up a pixel and in turn controlling each of the pixels that make up a matrix of pixels, an LED display is capable of displaying a plurality of colors and light intensities.

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  • American LED-Gible Inc.
    Mmanufacturer of numeric and alphanumeric LED displays, electronic LED timers and counters, numeric LED displays, incandescent and LED andon systems, tone information systems, and distributer of other signaling devices. USA.
  • Electro-Mech Scoreboard Company
    Manufacturer of indoor/outdoor LED and incandescent scoreboards, indoor LED scoreboards and sports timers for various sports including baseball, basketball, and football. USA.
  • Electrobrain Enterprises
    Designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of LED display technologies for indoor and outdoor use. Products include scrolling message board, bulletin display, production counter, FOREX board, electronic scoreboard, digital clock/ temperature, queuing system, cockfight timer, safety index board, count up/down timer, andon (help call) board, etc. Philippines.
  • Industrologic, Inc.
    Manufactures electronic products for industrial, scientific, and educational use. Products include data acquisition and control devices, operator interfaces, LED display, and single board computers and controllers. USA.
  • Jayex Technology Limited
    Supplies LED signs, outdoor electronic displays, patient call displays, moving message LED signs, digital dot matrix signs, lobby reception displays, exchange rate boards, queue systems, time and temperature displays, electronic noticeboards and full colour LED displays. UK.
  • Kingbright Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of LED Lamps, high current LED, SMD lamps, LED display, SMD display, light pipe, photointerrupte, photocoupler, phototransistor, cluster, blue and white LED and other LED related products. Taiwan, China.
  • LEDopto
    Specializes in designing and manufacturing of LEDís, offers also a broad range of standard discrete LEDís and LED displays designed for the industrial OEM market. Products include axial LED lamps, tower type LED lamps, rectangular LED lamps, surface mount LED lamps, blinking LED lamps, photo coupler, single color displays, 10 bar graph display, light bars, alpha numeric single digit displays. USA.
  • Lumex, Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and distributor of opto- and photo-electronic components, devices and displays. Products include LEDs, LCD's, LED backlights, LED indicators, LED displays, light pipes, LED switches, infrared devices, gas tubes, and high power. USA.
  • Martel Instruments Limited.
    Manufacturer of compact printer solutions and LCD modules including thermal and impact printers, cased, OEM and panel printers, printer mechanisms, industry-standard LCDs, touch panels, LED displays and digital panel meters, custom products, and components up to turnkey products. UK.
  • Microframe Corporation
    Designs and manufactures a variety of LED displays such as wired visual-pager systems, motivational/live speaker or broadcast timers, stand-alone timers/clocks, all purpose count anything timer, wireless multi-number displays, industrial computer-controlled displays, telephone interface, and contact-closure transmitter. USA.
  • Micropac Industries, Inc.
    Provides microelectronic and optoelectronic components and modules along with contract electronic manufacturing services. Products include custom hybrids, high temperature hybrids, power hybrids and multi-chip modules, optocouplers, LEDs, hall effect sensors and custom optoelectronic assemblies. USA.
  • Namtech Electronic Devices Ltd.
    Manufactures electronic energy meters, light emitting diodes (LEDs), LED display, LED lights, electronic voltage stabilizers cum surge protectors, TV guards, telephone guards and other surge protection modules, traffic light system, and compact fluorescent lamps. India.
  • Ningbo Flying Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and designer specializing in LED products including LED display, dot matrix, light bar, LED lamps, and outdoor lamp cluster. China.
  • Ningbo Foryard Optoelectronics
    Manufactures LED lamps, LED seven segment display, LED dot matrix, LED light bar, outdoor lamp cluster, and LED related products, such as LED flashlight, LED headlamp, LED key chain, high power LED flashlight, LED channel letter, LED nameplate board, etc. China.
  • Okaya Electric America, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets LCD, LED and gas plasma displays and electrical noise suppression components for use in the electrical and electronics industry.
  • P-tec Corporation
    Produces numerical LED displays, multi-digit numerical LED displays, graphic, alphabetical & numerical LED displays, LED surface mount devices, LED discretes, LED backlights, bar graph arrays & light bars, and LCD modules. USA.
  • Rohm Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and supplier of LED displays, laser diodes, sensors, photo link modules, power modules, CMOS camera modules, contact Image sensor heads, printheads, LCD displays, general-purpose LSIs, mobile phone LSIs, PC LSIs, transistors, diodes, tantalum capacitors, resistors, and IC protectors. Japan.
  • Selectronic Ltd.
    Supplier of LED displays, LCD displays, VFDS, optoelectronics, electronic display panels, organic and plastic LEDs, light emmitting diodes, lliquid crystal displays, rubber keypads, keymats, telecom panels, data entry devices, surface mount and SMD solutions. UK.
  • Shenzhen Sino Colour Technology Co., Ltd.
    Development and production of indoor and outdoor full color LED electronic displays. Products include outdoor LED display (single color, double color and full color), indoor full color LED display, outdoor LED module, and scene illumination products. China.
  • SunLED Corporation
    Manufacturer of sunlight readable LED lamps, subminiature LED lamps, low power and integrated resistor LED lamps, phototransistor LED lamps, numeric surface mount LED displays, multi-characters and graphics dot matrix LED displays, multi-color numeric and dot matrix LED displays, circuit board indicators, light bar and bar graph, and LED light strips. USA.

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