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In the current display industry, the liquid crystal display (LCD) or thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) has gradually replaced the cathode ray tube (CRT) to become a mainstream product due to its excellent properties of low radiation and low power consumption. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are used in a wide variety of commercial applications, including portable and laptop computers, desktop computers, PDAs (personal digital assistant), palm-top computers, cellular phones, wristwatches, camcorders, and television screens. A liquid crystal display generally includes two substrates and a liquid crystal layer interposed therebetween. The upper substrate has a color filter, and the lower substrate has a thin film transistor (TFT) as a switching element. The liquid crystal display displays an image by applying a voltage to the pixel and common electrodes to align the liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal material layer to control transmission of light. Different voltages are applied to the common electrode and the pixel electrodes to generate electric field. The changes of the strength and/or the direction of the electric field change the orientations of liquid crystal molecules to vary the transmittance of light passing through the liquid crystal layer. Accordingly, desired images are obtained by adjusting the difference between the pixel electrodes and the common electrode. There're various types of LCD displays. From the standpoint of structure, there is the direct-view type in which a user views the display itself directly, and the projection type in which a user views images projected on a screen. The widely used direct-view type LCD includes the transmission type (transmissive) LCD having a backlight. In contrast to the transmissive liquid crystal display device, the reflective liquid crystal display device does not require a backlight for display, and therefore can reduce the power consumption of the light source. The unnecessity of the backlight further characterizes the reflective liquid crystal display device by allowing it to be more compact and lightweight. The reflective liquid crystal display device has lower the power consumption, and is suitably used in equipment which needs to be lightweight and thin.

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  • Crystal Visions Technology, Inc.
    Supplier of rugged and compact computer hardware including LCD monitors, LCD touch screens, thin LCD touch screen workstations, medical workstations, industrial computers and small keyboards for point of care, point of sale, kiosk, manufacturing, industrial, military and vehicle applications. USA.
  • Densitron Technologies
    Specializes in design and manufacture of customised display modules as well as standard colour and monochrome display solutions for electronic devices. Designs and manufactures information display systems including, liquid crystal displays (LCD), alphanumeric LCDs, and graphic LCDs.
  • Earth Computer Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of industrial grade LCD kits, LCD sub-assemblies, LCD modules, industrial LCD touch monitors, LCD touch screens, iIndustrial LCD displays, LCD controller cards, CPU/processor based products, USB enabled products, and LCD enhancements. USA.
  • Orient Display Limited
    Supplies a broad line from standard LCD glass panels and LCD modules, including standard LCD panel, alphanumeric module, character module, graphic module, custom LCD panel, custom LCD module, touch screens, COG (chip on glass) LCD, TAB (tape automatic bonding) LCD, LCD heater, and part numbering system.
  • Sceptre Inc.
    Supplier of LCD displays and multimedia notebook products, including energy-efficient flat panels, LCD wall mount bracket, open frame LCDs, TFT-LCD screen wall system, wall mount bracket, external touch panel for CRT monitor, CRT displays, internet related product, and USB peripherals. USA.
  • Chassis Plans
    Provider of industrial computer enclosures, rackmount keyboards and LCD display monitors, single board computers, active / passive backplanes, analog and digital I/O cards and integrated systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and resellers in the military, industrial control and automation industries. USA.
  • Eizo Nanao Corporation
    Development, design, manufacturing and sale of display monitors and peripherals (LCD monitors, graphics monitors, touch panel monitors, medical display systems), windows-based terminals, amusement products, imaging system software, and accessories. Japan.
  • HITACHI Electronic Devices USA, Inc.
    Product line includes a broad array of picture tubes for projection TV's, color display tubes for the personal computer market, and lightweight liquid crystal diode (LCD) displays with its wide viewing angles, high quality images and slim, lightweight modules, used for laptop computers and other applications.
  • Image Systems Corporation
    Develops, markets, and supportsgrayscale and color LCD displays, video graphics cards, calibration software and hardware, medical, rugged, custom LCD and CRT displays, touch panels, and mounting hardware and accessory products. USA.
  • Kent Displays, Inc.
    Specializes research, development, and manufacture of cholesteric liquid crystal display products which solves the power consumption and image quality deficiencies associated with conventional LCD flat panel displays. USA.
  • Kessler-Ellis Products
    Designs, manufactures and services electronic flow instrumentation, marine-grade sunlight readable displays, industrial displays, industrial flat panel monitors, graphic touchscreen displays, PLC peripherals, industrial computers, counters/timers, flow measurement instruments, rate meters and HMI software. USA.
  • Kyocera Corporation
    Manufacturer and provider of industrial, automotive and semiconductor processing related advanced ceramic components, cutting tool products, liquid crystal displays, thermal printheads, metallized assemblies and industrial lenses. Japan.
  • Palomar Display Products, Inc.
    Specializes in the development and integration of displays and computer systems for demanding applications used in harsh environments. Supplier of fully sunlight readable LCD displays, specialized CRT displays, and flat panel liquid crystal displays, utilized in mission critical military airborne, tracked and wheeled vehicles, automated teller machines (ATM's), and on platforms that demand the highest visual and operational performance. USA.

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