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A flat panel display device (FPD) refers to a display device that includes a thin display panel to realize a thin profile. Generally, flat panel displays  have a faceplate, a backplate, and a side wall that are combined together to form a vacuum tight cell. Flat-panel displays have screens large enough to stimulate the quick reactions of peripheral vision and give pictures great immediacy, because they are flat the displays will fit easily onto the wall of a room. A flat panel display device can be a liquid crystal display device, a plasma display device, or an electroluminescence device. Flat panel display devices which are represented by liquid crystal display devices are widely used in personal computers, TV, and game machines, because of their characteristics of thinness, lightness, and low power consumption. Liquid crystal displays display a picture using electrical and optical properties of liquid crystal. Organic light-emitting devices may become the next generation flat panel display following liquid crystal displays. An organic light emitting device is an emissive display device in which an organic compound is electrically excited to emit light. These display devices utilize current passing through thin films of organic material to generate light. The color of light emitted and the efficiency of the energy conversion from current to light are determined by the composition of the organic thin-film material. An organic EL (electroluminescent) device emits a light in a manner that electric charges are injected into an organic layer between an electron injection electrode (cathode) and a hole injection electrode (anode), electrons and holes are paired, and the resulting pairs emit light. Electroluminescent display device is driven by a low voltage and consumes less power.

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  • Advanced Optics, Inc.
    Developer of patented electronic display technology, its flat panel display features bright display, wide viewing angle, high definition picture quality, full motion video, weather resistant for outdoor applications, real-time live video feeds, broadcast/simulcast applications, and satellite linkable. USA.
  • AG Neovo
    Designs and manufactures exciting new visual display products for consumers and professionals. Specializes in flat panel displays which transforms a desktop display into an arm or wall mounted display in seconds, based on NeoV crystal optic filter technology. This proprietary technology enhances color definition and image sharpness while protecting the display from damage. Taiwan, China.
  • Argon Corp.
    Offers a wide selection of fully customizable ruggedized combat-ready computers and flat-panel displays for military use. Products include wearable display, touch screen display, rugged XGA display, large military displays, touch screen with instrumentation, and ruggedized portable computers. USA.
  • Babcock, Inc.
    Offers flat panel displays and subsystems in standard and custom configurations for use in industrial process equipment, medical instruments, point of sale terminals, ATM machines, and arcade games. Standard products include numeric, alphanumeric, dot matrix, and full graphic displays. Custom displays and subsystems are designed and manufactured by combining text, icons, annunciators, and bargraphs to meet specific customer requirements. USA.
  • Computer Dynamics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of flat panel computers, hazardous area computers and monitors, thin client and embedded systems, industrial flat panel displays in open-frame, panel-mount and desktop configurations, industrial and rack mount computers & monitors, custom built computer systems, and legacy products. USA.
  • Computron Display Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high resolution video display monitors for the medical, industrial, and military markets. Products include ruggedized monitors, small screen monochrome monitors, color flat panel monitors, industrial color monitors, and monochrome medical monitors. USA.
  • FPD Design Group
    Specializes in flat panel display technology, supplies sunlight readable transflective LCD displays, A/D TFT LCD controller boards, touch screen controllers, LCD kits, touchscreen monitors, ppenframe monitors, industrial rackmount displays, NEMA displays, and sunlight readable systems, thermal management products, resistive, surface wave acoustic, capacitive, projected capacitance, and infrared touchscreens. USA.
  • Hope Industrial Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of industrial flat panel monitors and touchscreens, including panel mount monitors, universal mount monitors, LCD rack mount, as well as industrial monitor accessories (industrial keyboards, video, mouse, extender, and screen protectors). USA.
  • Sampo Professional
    Manufactures digital LCD and plasma flat-panel displays for the commercial, education and government sectors, and high-end consumer video applications. Products features including: built-in tuners, DVI interface with HDCP digital content protection system, high definition (HD) component video inputs, RGB loop-out connectors, subwoofer outputs, HD picture-in-picture and side-by-side picture, ATSC signal compatibility, and RS232 and Ethernet (RJ-45) control interfaces. USA.
  • Tactical Displays, Inc.
    Manufacturer of ruggedized flat panel displays, ruggedized embedded computer displays, infra-red touch panels, temperature control systems, terminal emulation software, custom display designs, and LCD replacements for plasma displays. USA.
  • Universal Avionics
    Manufacturer of avionics systems used worldwide on a full range of aircraft types from helicopters to corporate turbine aircraft and large commercial airliners. Offers a complete line of flight management systems, cockpit instrument displays, a terrain awareness and warning system, a cockpit/ground communications datalink, navigation position sensors, satellite communications, a cabin information/entertainment system and cockpit voice recorders. USA.

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