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Electroluminescent displays are a type of flat panel displays that work by making use of electroluminescence phenomenon in which light is generated when an electric field of certain intensity is applied to a fluorescent substance. Electroluminescence is the emission of light by a material when subjected to an electric field. An electroluminescent device comprises one or more layers made of an electroluminescent material disposed between a cathode and an anode. Electroluminescence display (ELD) devices can be classified into inorganic electroluminescence display (ELD) device and organic electroluminescent display (ELD) device depending on a source that excites careers. The organic electroluminescent display (ELD) device has drawn attention as a displaying device for natural colors because it can display every color in a range of a visible light and has a high brightness and a low operating voltage. An organic electroluminescent device emits light by injecting electrons from a cathode electrode and holes from an anode electrode into an emissive layer, combining the electrons and the holes to generate an exciton, and transiting the exciton from an excited state to a ground state. Organic electroluminescent displays are expected as alternatives to the currently prevailing CRT or LCD displays because the organic electroluminescent device also has low power consumption, high brightness, and short response time. Organic electroluminescent device is used in many consumer electronics, such as cellular phones, car navigation systems, personal digital assistants, and camcorders. Organic electroluminescent devices may be categorized into passive matrix-type and active matrix-type depending upon how the device is driven.

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  • Altadox, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high quality and low cost electroluminescent (EL) lights, electroluminescent signs, electroluminescent badges, advertising sheets and displays, backlights, posters, drawing boards, price tags and electroluminescent decorative products and electroluminescent novelty items. USA.
  • iFire Technology Corp.
    Research and development company that develops flat panel display with proprietary thick dielectric electroluminescent (TDEL) technology, suited for large-screen consumer television applications, where video performance standards are demanding and affordability is critical for significant market penetration. Canada.
  • Pelikon Limited
    Makes flexible plastic displays using printed segmented electroluminescence, custom designs and manufactures electroluminescent display panels, segmented and unsegmented backlights, as well as providing software and multi -segment driver electronics. UK.
  • Planar Systems, Inc.
    Provider of flat-panel display hardware and software solutions for demanding medical, industrial and commercial applications. Products include electroluminescent displays, high-bright AMLCD displays, open-frame LCD monitors, plasma and LCD TVs, LCD monitors, retailing display solutions, and medical display solutions. USA.
  • Trident Microsystems Ltd.
    Technical franchised distributor of displays, interface kits, single board computers, panel PCs, printers and card readers as well as assembling and manufacturing custom built embedded computing technologies. Product offering includes mono and colour displays, VGA electroluminescent display, LCD monitors, plasma screens, chassis and open frame monitors, touch screen monitors, interface kits, panel PCs, embedded computing boards, embedded operating systems, design and development. UK.

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