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Cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays had been the predominant display technology for purposes such as home television screens and computer monitors. Compared with previous display technologies, CRTs have advantages in terms of superior color resolution, high contrast and brightness, wide viewing angles, fast response times, and low manufacturing costs. However, CRTs also have major drawbacks such as excessive bulk and weight, high power consumption, fragility, strong electromagnetic emissions, the need for implosion and x-ray protection, undesirable analog device characteristics, and a requirement for an unsupported low internal pressure envelope that limits screen size. With the development of an information oriented society, the demands on display devices have increased. To address the inherent drawbacks of CRTs, different flat display devices have been developed for use in various devices, such as the liquid crystal display device (LCD), the plasma display panel (PDP), the electroluminescent display (ELD), and the vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). The flat panel display device may be classified into two types depending on whether it emits or receives light. One type is light-emitting display devices that emit light to display images and the other type is a light-receiving type display device that uses an external light source to display images. Plasma display panels, field emission display devices and electroluminescence display devices are light-emitting type display devices and liquid crystal displays are light-receiving type display device. Liquid crystal display devices are widely used as displays of portable information terminals because of their thinness and lightness and also because of their small electric power consumption. The general structure of an LCD consists of a liquid crystal layer that is positioned between pair of panels including field generating electrodes and polarizers. The liquid crystal layer is subject to an electric field generated by the electrodes and variations in the field strength change the molecular orientation of the liquid crystal layer. Among many kinds of FPD devices, the electroluminescence display (also known as ELD, using organic light emitting diodes) device makes use of electroluminescence phenomenon in which light is generated when an electric field of certain intensity is applied to a fluorescent substance. Organic electroluminescent displays are expected as alternatives to the currently prevailing liquid crystal displays because the organic electroluminescent display has a small size and is light weight, also has low power consumption, high brightness, and short response time,  as compared to a liquid crystal display device. The organic electroluminescent display device can display every color in a range of a visible light and has a high brightness and a low operating voltage. Various types of touch screen displays have been developed to facilitate user interaction with graphical user interfaces (GUIs).  Touch screens are gaining popularity for numerous applications, including electronic catalogs, in-store locators, corporate training, point-of-information kiosks, vending, and amusement, multimedia marketing, banking and financial transactions, ticket sales, multimedia demos, interactive education, and museum displays. A touch screen generally employs one of four types of touch technologies: capacitive, resistive, infrared, and surface acoustic wave.

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  • AU Optronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of large-size thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels, which are currently the most widely used flat panel display technology, used in notebook computers, desktop monitors, televisions, digita cameras, portable DVD players, mobile phones, portable games, and car navigation systems, among other applications. Taiwan, China.
  • Clinton Electronics Corp.
    Manufactures and distributes a complete line of monochrome CRT's, digital signage LCD's, monochrome kitchen display, open frame display, grayscale medical displays in both CRT and LCD technologies, offers a complete range of CRT displays from 2 mega-pixel to 5 mega-pixel in both portrait and landscape formats. USA.
  • Comark Corporation
    Designs and manufactures custom industrial workstations, enclosure systems, ruggedized chassis, embedded processing solutions, distributed input/output systems, operator interfaces, process control/SCADA software, industrial panel and rack mount units, CRT and TFT displays, industrial keyboards and pointing devices. USA.
  • Data Display UK
    Designer and manufacturer of electronic information display systems, including electronic displays for railway stations, airports, highways, electronic signs for cinemas, display systems for contact centres as well as a host of other electronic display applications in retail, commerce, leisure and industry.
  • Dynamic Displays, Inc.
    Supplier of rugged color and monochrome video displays, including rugged monochrome CRT monitors for medical use in radiological, fluoroscopic, and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) suites, sturdy color computer monitors for ultrasound medical imaging products, ruggedized computer monitors for CNC machine tools, process control systems and other industrial applications, ruggedized video displays for use in military avionics suites, flight simulators, and many, many more. USA.
  • Kent Modular Electronics Limited
    Manufactures a complete line of industrial-grade LCD monitors (desktop, head, chassis, panel mount, rackmount), slow scan capable LCD monitors, rugged CRT monitors, LCD TFT monitors for worldwide marine applications, pivot wall mounts, single and double swing arms, and desk mounts. UK.
  • Mitsutech International Corporation
    Manufactures spherical/ flat glass touchscreen kit, color touchscreen monitor, LCD module, open-frame LCD display kit, LCD touchscreen monitor, and touch screen panel integrated PLC operator interface. Specializing in the POS, ATM, POP displays, kiosk,multimedia and industrial process control system, and medical instrument. Taiwan, China.
  • NextWindow Limited
    Designer and developer of optical touch screens, manufactures touch sensitive overlays for existing LCD or plasma displays, and also OEM touch components for integration into manufacturers' display models, for applications in digital signage, directory information and wayfinding, wildlife exhibits, retail displays, digital whiteboards, interactive education, trade shows, real estate advertising, and exhibitions. New Zealand.
  • VarTech Systems Inc.
    Manufacturer of an extensive variety of rugged LCD flat panel displays, industrial workstations and HMI computer solutions for harsh environments and demanding critical applications. Products include NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 rated Industrial LCD monitors, stainless steel encased NEMA 4X flat panel display systems, high-bright and sunlight readable LCD monitors, rugged marine and military LCD displays for mission critical applications, touch screen monitors, low and high temperature compensated displays, rugged CRT monitors, and custom industrial LCD monitors. USA.
  • Z-Axis Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and repairs flat panel and CRT based monochromatic and color video display products used in OEM products across various industries. Provides electrical and mechanical design, manufacturing services, and procurement, for commercial, industrial, and medical applications. USA.

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