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Electronic timers may comprise a string of modulo counter stages responsive to a reference clock signal for counting up or down. Each counter stage counts through its corresponding modulus value before a successive counter stage may be altered in count. In recent years, electronic digital timers have been used by combining them with various electric or electronic apparatus such as wristwatches, radio receivers, pagers, and the like. Electronic timers may be implemented in an integrated circuit and more particularly on a single substrate with other processing and memory related circuits, the emphasis being in miniaturization and reduced energy consumption. An electronic counter is generally constructed as a small and compact module and so that the counter module can be conveniently and readily used in numerous applications. An electronic counter may have various functions such as a function for changing addition, subtraction, and addition-subtraction, a function for presetting a value in multiple levels, a function for changing pulse counting speeds, a function for changing output operations, and a timer-function for changing an input pulse to a time-string pulse. Electronic timing devices typically employ some form of device which linearly measures time, such as by counting pulses of an oscillator, and when a count of a selected number representative of a preselected passage of time is reached, a switching function is performed.

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  • Autonics Corporation
    Manufacturing diversified timers, counters, temperature controllers, rate meter and panel meter, display unit, switch power suppliers, photo sensor, proximity sensor, rotary encoder, stepping motor, motor controllers, laser marking systems, and indicating ligting for factory automation. Korea.
  • Electronic Control Concepts
    Manufactures timing controls and instrumentation for x-rays. ECC's kVp Meter measures the peak voltage in an x-ray head by sensing the characteristics of the x-ray beam. The ECC X-ray pulse counter / exposure time meter measures the length of time an x-ray exposure. Electronic design services are also available. USA.
  • ENM Company
    Manufacturer of hour meters, LCD hour meters, tach hour meters, electrical counters, electric motor meters, battery discharge gauges, mechanical counter, LCD pulse counter, AC/DC hour meter, self-powered 4-digit miniature counter, electronic programmable counter, tallies, and accessories. USA.
  • Franklin Instrument Company, Inc.
    Manufactures quartz battery and electric wall clocks, digital atomic desk clock, digital LCD radio controlled alarm clock, analog and digital multi-zone clocks, customized advertising and message clocks, microprocessor based solid-state master controllers, digital synchronized time systems, pocket style digital countdown interval timer, and accurate digital stopwatches. USA.
  • Hengstler GMBH
    Supplies incremental and absolute encoders, motor feedback encoders, programmable control counters, shift and interface counters, position indicators, multifunction counters, tachometers, safety relays, trip relays, polarized remanent relays, high-voltage relays, printer, and cutter. Germany.
  • Lascar Electronics Ltd.
    Manufactures an extensive range of panel meters, data loggers and power supplies, including voltmeters, loop powered, thermometers, timers, counters, dot matrix displays, USB temperature data logger, voltage USB data logger, panel mounted infra-red transmitter and receiver, and linear power supply. UK.
  • Line Seiki Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of control and measuring equipment such as digital tally counter, electronic counter, electromagnetic counter, pneumatic counter, mechanical counter, measuring instruments, tachometer, infrared thermometer, anemometer, strobo scope, light meter, PH meter, and clamp meter. Japan.
  • Shimpo Instruments
    Manufacturer and supplier of force, torque and speed evaluation instruments and accessories. Products include handheld tachometers, panel mount tachometers, panel mount counters, stroboscopes, sensors, digital force gauges, mechanical force gauges, motorized test stands, and manual test stands. USA.

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