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Computer systems such as personal computers, workstations, and portable computers, typically include components housed within an enclosure. Some components, such as central processing units (CPUs) and memory chips, typically mount on circuit boards within the enclosure. During operation of the computer central processing unit (CPU), a large amount of heat is often produced. To maintain the functional integrity of such electronic components, it is required to maintain the temperature of these components below a predetermined value. A heat sink is used for cooling such components. A regular computer heat sink is extruded from aluminum, having a plurality of radiating fins. The heat from electronic componenets is transmitted to a plurality of heat sink fins after being absorbed by the base and then performs heat exchange with cold air in the interspace between heat sink fins thereby achieving the purpose of heat dissipation. In addition, a fan is installed above the heat sink in some types of heat sinks, which speeds up the airflow in the interspace thereby accelerating heat dissipation. A heat sink is typically attached or otherwise thermally connected to such an electronic component.

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  • Accel Thermal
    A wholesale heatsink manufacturer offering heatsink design, aluminum heatsinks, custom heatsinks, clip heat sinks, aluminum extrusion profiles, CPU cooling fans, heatsink fans, thermal management, electronic cooling, thermal interface and phase change materials. USA.
  • Cooler Master USA, Inc.
    Provides a comprehensive lineup of thermal solutions for a full range of applications. Its products range from heat sinks and fans to component housing, chassis, and ducting for computers, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and many other devices.
  • CTS Corporation
    Supplier of heat sinks and thermal management solutions, quartz crystals, clock oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, ovenized crystal oscillators, frequency translator, jitter attenuators, monoblock filters, monoblock duplexers, piezoelectric ceramic components, resistor networks and arrays, DIP switches, trimmers, potentiometers, encoders, pointing devices and cursor controls.
  • Enertron Inc.
    Designs and manufactures a wide variety of thermal solutions for various applications. Products include 1U and 2U heat sinks, extruded heat sinks, cold forged heat sinks, stacked and folded fin heat sinks, heat pipes, heat pipes and heat pipe integrated solutions, TEC's, conduction cooling solutions and thermal management products. USA.
  • Minco Manufacturing, Inc.
    Manufactures upper fuser rollers and pressure roller cores, and coats stripper fingers for use in analog copiers, digital copiers, facsimile machines, laser printers, and multifunction devices, also manufactures high aspect ratio (tall, tightly spaced fins) heat sinks and precision-machined bases for various applications. USA.
  • Novel Concepts, Inc.
    Develops integrated fan heat sink, active heat spreader, thermally conductive plastic, peltier (solid state thermoelectric) coolers, low stress heat sinks for large pelier arrays, notebook, desktop, and handheld microprocessor coolers, wearable thermal signaling devices, lightweight compact heat exchangers for avionics, programmable Peltier laser chillers for wafer fabrication, computer enclosures for the Alaska pipeline, vortex coolers for high contamination environments, solid state temperature sensors for data acquisition, microprocessor thermal dummy's for cooling research, all-polyimide low thermal time constant heaters, and transparent sapphire heaters. USA.
  • Swiftech
    Manufactures air and liquid cooling solutions for Intel, AMD, nVidia and ATI microprocessors, serving giant semi-conductor and CPU manufacturers, PC and component manufacturers. Products include ramsink memory colers, chipset heatsinks, liquid cooling kits, universal VGA waterblocks, universal CPU waterblock, quiet power 120mm radiator, etc. USA.
  • ThermaFlo, Inc.
    Manufacturer of heat sinks and other thermal management components and accessories in the electronics industry. Products include board level heat sinks, BGA heat sinks, microprocessor heat sinks, DC/DC converter heat sinks, high power heat sinks, active fan heat sinks, standard extrusion profiles, bonded fin heat sinks, and cross-cut heat sinks. USA.
  • Thermshield LLC
    Provides heat sinks and fan/heat sink assemblies to cool processors up to 2.0 GHz including Pentium III and 4, and AMD Athlon up to 1.5 GHz. socketed processors, Xeon, flip-chip, and BGA cooling devices, stamped heat sinks in aluminum or solderable tabs, small extruded heat sinks with preinserted solderable pins, and including interface pads. USA.
  • Value Engineered Products
    Offers a wide variety of aluminum and copper products for use in the high powered electronics industry, specializes in aluminum extruded heat sinks, bonded fin heat sinks, SCR clamps (range in loads of 800 lbs - 20,000 lbs) as well as liquid and air cooled heat sink assemblies. USA.
  • Wakefield Thermal Solutions, Inc.
    Provides a broad line of extruded heat sinks, board level heat sinks, microprocessor heat sinks, extruded enclosures, bonded heat sinks, folded fin heat sinks, heat exchangers, liquid cold plates, precision clamp systems, board level heat sinks, thermal greases, and thermal epoxies, as well as technical services designed to provide complete thermal management solutions serving the commercial, industrial, military, and medical industries. Typical applications include semiconductors packaged in industry standard case styles, stud-mount, compression devices, power modules, SCR's, IGBT's, SSR's and isolated flat base devices. USA.

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