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In a computer system, a central processing unit (CPU) frequently generates a large amount of heat flux during normal operation, which can destabilize operation and cause damage. The performance of computer may be adversely affected if the generated heat of CPU cannot be effectively dissipated. A CPU cooler may be used and attached to the CPU for dissipating heat from the CPU. A conventional CPU cooler comprises a fan, a cooling base rested disposed on the CPU, and a metal plate above the cooling base on which a plurality of parallel fins with good heat conduction capability is attached sin order to effectively dissipate heat generated by the running CPU. Some cooler modules have cooling water flowing therein to carry heat energy by means of heat pipe theory, enabling heat energy to be dissipated into the outside open air by means of the suction or blowing action of the electric fan.

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  • Acadia Technology, Inc.
    Supplier of CPU cooler, chip coolers, skiving coppper heat sink, aluminum extrusion heats ink, HDD and card cooler, fan and fan duct, computer case, power supply, water cooling kit, portable aluminium harddisk case, and digital temperature displayer. USA.
  • ACK Technology Inc.
    Specializes in the design, development, and production of thermal management systems, including chipset / CPU coolers, high performance heat sinks, extruded heat sinks, heat pipes, power heat pipe assembly, low profile heat pipe assembly, thermoelectric cooling modules, and stamped heat sink. Taiwan, China.
  • Ascent Technologies, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures and markets cooling products for industries, offices, and home solutions. Product offerings include CPU coolers, AC fans, DC fans, chassis fans, hard disk coolers, system exhaust blowers, chipset and VGA coolers. USA.
  • Dynatron Corporation
    Produces CPU water cooler, active CPU cooler, passive CPU cooler, 1U CPU cooler, DC cooling fan, motor AC axial fans, variable speed cooling fan, system cooling fan, CPU cooling fan, multi-purpose chipset coolers, heat pipe, card reader notebook cooler, and accessories. Taiwan, China.
  • Radian Heatsinks
    Manufacturer of CPU coolers for intel processors, removable BGA chipset fansinks, passive BGA heatsinks, DC to DC converter heatsinks, high efficiency heatsinks for BGA packages, hot ICs, IGBTs, PGAs, flip chips and other SM devices, standard heatsink mounting accessories. USA.
  • TennMax United
    Offers micro heat pipe design/assembly for notebook computers, high performance fan/sink coolers for all CPUs used in desktop/laptop PCs, electronic watch manufacturing, high frequency magnetic component (OEM) production, special tapes, films and adhesives for electronic packaging etc. USA.
  • Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd.
    Supplier of CPU cooler, VGA cooler, memory heat spreader, active memory cooling kits, opper memory heat spreader, BGA memory heatsink, extreme spirit north and south bridge cooler, aluminum 3.5" HDD clamshell cooler, notebook cooler, chassis, DC fan, and liquid cooling system. USA.
  • Titan Computer Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures CPU coolers, VGA coolers, HDD coolers, system blowers, D.C fans, water coolers, notebook pads, DC fans, aluminum frame fans, power inverter, heatsinks in comprehensive solution of cooling systems in different applications of PC systems. Taiwan, China.

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