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Electronic systems and equipment such as computer systems, network interfaces, storage systems, and telecommunications equipment are commonly enclosed within a chassis, cabinet or housing for support, physical security, and efficient usage of space. The electronic components involved, such as power supplies, microprocessors, integrated circuits, transistors, and other power switching components, are generally referred to as power devices. Such electronic components consume large amounts of energy and consequently generate large amounts of heat. If this heat is not continuously removed, the electronic component may overheat, resulting in damage to the component and a reduction in its operating performance. Modern computing systems usually rely on a controlled airflow to cool the various electronic components. In order to avoid such problems caused by overheating, cooling devices are often used in conjunction with electronic components. Typically, heat sinks, cooling fans, and heat pipes are employed to dissipate heat from integrated circuits and other electronic components. Many main-frames use vapor compression coolers to cool the computer. These vapor compression coolers perform essentially the same as the central air conditioning units used in many homes. Thermoelectric coolers utilize Peltier effect to perform cooling function.

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  • Cool Innovations
    Develops pin fin heat sinks for heavy heat loads, space-constrained applications & low airspeed environments, space-constrained applications and for devices that contain small and focused heat sources, board level devices that dissipate heavy heat loads and for space-constrained applications, power modules that dissipate heavy heat loads and for space-constrained applications. USA.
  • Degree Controls, Inc.
    Provides intelligent cooling solutions for the heat generated by the densely packed electronics used in telecom, computer, and medical applications. Products include airmover controllers, fan tray assemblies, intelligent thermal management system of data rooms, portable air velocity analyzer, lightweight fogger, and programmable DC fan control and monitoring boards. USA.
  • Global WIN Technology
    Manufacturer and supplier of passive and active coolers (air cooling, water cooling, peltier cooling) for all different levels and brands of CPU, system and HDD cooler, server cooler, chip cooler, notebook cooler (vapor chamber, heat pipe), aluminum case, power supply, and other related products. Taiwan, China.
  • JMC Products
    Manufacturer of thermal solutions with facilities around the world, focuses on developing cooling products for industries such as computer/IT, automotive, electronics, telecom/datacom and more. Products include high frequency pulse width modulated fans, AC fans, DC fans, CPU coolers, and blowers. USA.
  • Kryotherm North America
    Design and manufacturing of thermoelectric modules and related subsystems, including air-air coolers (thermoelectric air conditioners for small enclosures, especially for electronics cooling), liquid chillers, temperature chambers, portable freezers, other consumer items, and systems for generation of electricity.

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