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  • Acu-Rite Companies Inc.
    Offers a complete family of user-defined, application-specific digital and vision readout systems that provide greater flexibility, increased efficiency and productivity, easy feature access, better accuracy and improved workpiece quality. Other products include control systems, precision glass scales, and linear encoders. USA.
  • Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.
    Manufacturer of precision machinery, video measuring, video marking, and precision measuring devices and software for the industrial, biomedical, and presentation markets. Products include ultramicotomes, cryosectioning systems, automatic EM tissue processors, glass knife makers, propane jet freezers, freeze fracture systems, freeze substitution systems, freeze dryer systems and a wide range of associated accessories. USA.
  • Electrobrain Enterprises
    Manufacturer of LED displays, scrolling message, bulletin display, production counter, FOREX board, electronic scoreboard, digital clock, queuing system, cockfight timer, safety index board, count up/down timer, and andon (help call) board, etc. Philippines.
  • Hamar Laser
    Manufacturer and supplier of LCD readout, PDA readout, precision lasers, on-axis straight line lasers, single-purpose (off-axis) laser systems, wireless infrared receiver for laptop computer, computer interface with rechargable battery, turbine bore sweep indicator unit, extruder target adapter, and roll alignment floor fixtures. USA.
  • Hedland, Division of Racine Federated Inc
    Manufacturer of turbine meters, electronic readouts, electronic accessories, PD meters for liquids, PD electronic readouts, PD electronic accessories, basic direct reading system, reed switch electronic interface system, full electronic interface system, pressure indicators, flow meters, and variable area high pressure flow meters. USA.
  • Heidenhain Corporation
    Develops and manufactures linear encoders, angular encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, position display units, counter cards, and numerical controls, for manufacturers of machine tools and manufacturers of automated facilities and machines, especially for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.
  • Laurel Electronics, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and sells programmable digital panel meters, electronic counters, programmable timers, bar graph displays, large digit displays, data logging systems, meter accessories, remote displays and other instrumentation for demanding industrial applications. USA.
  • Mitutoyo America Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of digital readout systems, coordinate measuring sytems, surface roughness instruments, contour instruments, roundness instruments, vision measuring instrument, inspection microscope, CCD camera system, laser scan micrometers, superficial hardness scales, micrometers, calipers, and granite products.
  • Newall Measurement Systems, Ltd.
    Manufacturer of proprietary products including digital readout systems and digital linear encoders (available in incremental, absolute and distance coded versions) used for a wide range of linear measurement applications in the machinery and metrology markets. UK.
  • Semprex Corporation
    Manufactures manual microscope stages, motorized microscope stages, modular Z-axis stage, microscope stands, table stands and custom bases, Z-axis measuring system, digital readouts and metrology, motor controllers, probe needles, slide, petri-dish, and microplate holders. USA.
  • Solartron Metrology
    Design and manufacture of precision dimensional measurement and position measurement transducers and instrumentation. Products include linear encoders, digital gauging probes, digital block gauges, digital displacement transducers, digital readouts, analogue linear encoders, analogue gauge probes, displacement transducers, LVDT and half bridge conditioning electronics. UK.
  • Sony Manufacturing Systems America, Inc.
    Global provider of high precision measurement devices for a wide array of end-user and OEM applications. The digital readout product line offers a wide array of display and scale packages for milling, lathing, grinding and other applications. Other products include linear encoders, laserscale, and light touch probes.
  • US Digital
    Designs and manufactures optical encoders, inclinometers and motion control components. Product line includes absolute and incremental optical encoders, inclinometers, stepper motors and drives, PC interfaces, digital displays, switching power supplies and flexible shaft couplings for motion control, factory automation and robotics. USA.

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