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In the semiconductor industry, a large number of electronic devices are provided by manufacturers in programmable form with blank memories or unspecified connections between arrays of logic circuits. Those processor-controlled devices include a non-volatile memory device to hold a program called a boot program. The boot program contains the set of instructions executed by the processor. Storing the boot program in a non-volatile memory device is known as "programming the device" and is typically accomplished with an apparatus called a device programmer. Device programmers allow designers and engineers to rapidly transfer these codes, gating logic arrangements and the like into the programmable devices. Users can then custom configure or program the electronic devices to perform their intended functions by programming them, transferring or "burning in" a sequence of operating codes into the memory, or by specifying a particular arrangement of gating logic. To program a non-volatile memory device, signal generation circuitry within the device programmer is coupled to the memory device's address, data and control pins. The signal generation circuitry then generates the sequence of address, data and control signals necessary to store a user-supplied boot program in the memory device.

Listings on Electronic components : Device programmers

  • B&K Precision Corporation
    Specializing in the design and manufacture of switching power supply, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, anemometer, hygrometer, device programmers, multimeter, analog oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, Lcr / Esr meter, capacitance meter, volt meter, current clamp meter, PH meter, humidity meter, spectrum analyzers, and network cable testers. USA.
  • BP Microsystems
    Global supplier of engineering and production device programmers and programming systems to the semiconductor and electronics industries. Offers a full line of device programmers, which include universal programmers, concurrent programming systems, and fine-pitch automated programming systems. USA.
  • Data I/O Corporation
    Provider of programming and automated device handling, programming and marking systems for programmable integrated circuits. Products include high speed flash programming system, modular in-system programmer, automated device programming, marking and re-packaging systems. USA.
  • Dataman
    Specialises in supplying low voltage universal and gang programmers, as well as pc based validators designed for calculating CRC-32 and SHA-1 signatures. Also manufacturers of the S4 programmer/validator.
  • EE Tools Corporation
    Develops and manufactures stand-alone and PC based device programmers, including high speed universal device programmer, universal device programmer & IC tester, production programmers, adapters, 8-bit EPROM/flash emulator, real time in-circuit emulator, and heavy duty UV eraser. USA.
  • Elnec spol. s r. o.
    Engineering and manufacturing device programming equipment for programmable integrated circuits, including concurrent multiprogramming system, universal programmers, serial EEPROM programmer, EPROM simulator and eraser. Slovak.
  • JTAG Technologies
    Specializes in boundary-scan technology and provider of boundary-scan (JTAG/IEEE 1149.1) products and services for boundary-scan testing of printed circuit boards and systems, in-system programming (ISP) of flash memory and PLDs.
  • Logical Devices
    Manufacturer of universal programmer, gang EPROM progammer for production, microcontroller programmer, flash programmer, UV EPROM erasers, microchip PIC low cost programmer, Atmel AVR programmer, chip programmer using ISP / Jtag methods, and customized programmer. USA.
  • Sedo Systems Limited
    Designs and manufactures gang programmers for all memory device types including CMOS PROMs, EPROMs, flash, EEPROMs and selected Microcontrollers including PICs, with support for devices down to 1.8V in all package styles including DIP, PLCC, TSSOP, uBGA and FBGA. UK.

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