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Inductors perform a wide variety of essential functions in many electronic devices. Inductors are used in power supplies as choke coils, for energy storage and to minimize noise and AC ripple. Inductors are also used in transformers to change voltage level and to provide isolation. Chip inductors are widely used as high frequency filters for eliminating radiation-noises from electronic components like micro-electromechanical systems, integrated circuits, cellular phones, wireless modems, and other types of wireless communication equipment. An inductor for use in a high frequency filter is required to have a large inductance and a low resistance. Inductors generally comprise a magnetic core composed of an iron or ferrite material that is wound with a conductive coil. Consequently, inductors are often referred to as wire-wound coil devices. Inductance is proportional to the square of the winding number of a coil and is inversely proportional to the length of the coil. An inductor is divided into a wire wound type and a stacked type, each having different application fields and fabrication methods.

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  • Abracon Corporation
    Manufactures microprocessor crystals, crystal oscillators, SAW devices, and a complete line of magnetic components. Products include LAN magnetics, linear transformers, RF inductors, ferrite bead and chip inductors, current sensor, axial inductors, radial inductors, toroidal inductors, common mode chokes, SMD toroidal coils, SMD power inductors, low profile switching transformer, reference frequency clock, zero delay buffer, ceramic filters, SMD MCF's, thru-hole MCF's, dielectric filters, SAW filters, oscillators, SMD crystals, and SMD ceramic resonators. USA.
  • Caliber Electronics, Inc.
    Designing, manufacturing, and marketing a comprehensive family of quartz crystal products, including multilayer ferrite chip beads, SMD multilayer chip inductors, would ceramic chip Inductors, axial conformal coated inductors, SMD power inductors, microprocessor crystals, crystal filters, clock oscillators, Transformers, and ceramic resonators. USA.
  • Central Technologies
    Manufacturer of axial leadedconformal coated inductor, SMD ferrite chip beads, standard multi-layer ferrite chip beads, multi-layer ceramic 3-terminal EMI filter, SMD laser cut inductors, multi-layer ceramic chips, multi-layer chip low pass filter, SMD shielded power iInductors, raidal leaded flat coil, radial leaded power line inductor, SMD ferrite chip beads, round suppression cable clamps, SMD wire-wound common mode choke coils for singal applications, and pulse and ISDN transformers. USA.
  • Filtronetics Inc.
    Supplier of toroidal inductions, bifilar solenoids, trifilar solenoids and solenoid transformers, thru hole inductors, SMT chip inductors, taped inductors and/or encapsulated inductors, electronic pot core assemblies, quartz crystals, surface mount quartz crystals, thru hole quartz crystals parts, standard oscillators and custom oscillators, LC filters, crystal filters, saw filter, ceramic filters, RF SAW filters, microwave filters, and monolithic filters. filtronetics has low-pass filters, high-pass filters, band-pass filters, band-stop filters, notch filters, diplexers, tunable filters, switched filters, and other electronic filters. USA.
  • Frontier Electronics
    Designs and manufactures wire wound chip inductors, thin film chip inductors, molded wire wound chip inductors, SMD air coils, multi-layer chip inductor, SMD RF balun transformer, SMD RFID transponder coils, axial leads inductors, insert molded coils, adjustable IFT RF coils, air coils, RF signal chokes, SMD power choke, SMT transformer/inductor, SMT CCFL transformer , SMD RF balun transformer, axial leads power inductors, high current toroid inductors, and surface mount products.
  • Gowanda Electronics Corp.
    Product line offerings include axial lead & surface mount RF inductors, pot cores, thru-hole & surface mount toroidal inductors & transformers, tunable coils, SMPS magnetics, common-mode chokes, transformers, and many custom devices for uses in test & measurement equipment, computers & peripherals, medical diagnostic equipment, communications systems, monitoring systems, as well as many consumer products. USA.
  • Inductor Supply, Inc.
    Specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of inductors (ceramic core inductors, multilayer chip inductors, power inductors, surface mount devices), coils, wide band chokes, transformers and related magnetic components for the electronics community. USA.
  • Johanson Technology, Inc.
    Provides high frequency ceramic solutions for cellular, WLAN, bluetooth, RF/microwave, millimeter wave, and fiber optic applications, as well as custom high frequency ceramic solutions. Offer a broad range of multi and single layer capacitors, RF inductors, LTCC based chip antennas, baluns, balanced filters, band pass filters, low pass filters, couplers, and diplexers, as well as other components. USA.
  • PCA Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures inductors, chokes, delay lines, transformers, and other electromagnetic components for computer, telecommunications and medical OEMS. Applications include computer networking equipment, high speed telecommunications, custom and standard power magnetics for aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and many other electronic systems. USA.
  • Schott Magnetics
    Designs and manufactures high current chokes, HWT power inductors, HWT power transformers, HWT coils, trapezoidal windings, high current differential chokes, pot core transformers, common mode chokes, iron powder line filter chokes, output inductors, MPP, koolmu and balun cores, flyback xfmrs, toroidal transformers, toroidal choke, custom signal and pulse transformers. USA.
  • Technitrol, Inc.
    Engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of a variety of passive electronic components including transformers, filters, chokes, inductors, delay lines and component modules, antennas for wireless handsets and other terminal devices, electrical contacts, contact materials and contact assemblies. USA.
  • Toko Group
    Multinational manufacturer of chip inductors, fixed inductors, variable/molded coils, EMI solutions, balun transformers, dielectric filters, multilayer ceramics, helical filters, LC filters, AM-FM ceramics, wirewound diplexers, dielectric antennas, ICs for audio equipment, regulator ICs, CCFL inverter control ICs, and wireless modules.
  • Venkel Ltd.
    Products include multilayer chip inductors, low value multilayer chip inductor, wire wound chip inductors, miniature RF chip inductors, chip capacitors, rectangular thin film resistor, high value thick film resistor, chip resistor arrays, trimmable resistors, standard chip thermistors, resistor networks, common mode choke coils, ferrite beads, and engineering kits. USA.
  • Wilco Corporation
    Manufactures surface mount power inductors, surface mount shielded inductors, surface mount chip inductors, power line inductors, high current hash chokes, axial lead RF chokes, drum core power inductors, universal wound coils, air coils, ferrite bobbin coils, and common mode toroids. USA.

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