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A resistor is a two-terminal electrical component that offers resistance to the flow of electric current. Power resistors, variable resistors, chip resistors, and power chip resistors have numerous applications in electronic circuits. High-voltage variable resistors are generally used for adjusting focus voltages and screen voltages in television receivers. Shunt resistors are used to measure high currents, they are measuring resistors which are connected in series with the component to be measured. Power resistors in many electric motor applications are used as braking loads for the motors. In frequency converters, power resistors are used in snubber circuits that protect high-power switching devices by suppressing voltage and current spikes arising from line switching actions. A semiconductor resistor typically comprises a body portion formed of a material having a predetermined resistivity, often stated in units of ohms per square, associated therewith. Electrical connection to the body portion is generally provided by a plurality of metal contacts formed at opposite ends of the resistor body. The contacts at the ends of the resistor body may be connected to metal terminals for providing electrical interconnection with other components and/or structures in the IC device.

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  • Alpha Electronics Corp.
    Manufacturer of ultra-precision resistor, ultra-precision chip resistor, ultra-precision power resistor, ultra-precision resistor network, ultra-precision thermosensitive resistor, zero TCR resistor, ultra-precision SMD current sense resistor, and standard resistor. Japan.
  • Altronic Research Inc.
    Designs and produces a water cooled coaxial load resistor (dummy load), convection cooled resistor loads IBOC applications, air cooled RF coaxial load resistor (dummy load) for UHF digital HDTV, fiber optic leak detector, and custom designed products. USA.
  • Arcol UK Ltd
    Produces wirewound resistors, thin film resistors for SMD and through-hole connection, thick film resistors, high voltage / high resistance resistors, low ohms / foil / current sense resistors, high pulse / energy absorb resistors, and custom products. UK.
  • C.C.OHM
    Manufacturer of thick film chip resistor, thick film resistor networks, wire wound resistor, metal oxide film resistor, fusible resistor, metal film resistor, carbon film resistor, cement resistor, flameproof acid metal film resistor, power resistor, metal plate nono-inductive cement resistor, large capacity metal-clad fixed resistors, and capacitors. Taiwan, China.
  • Caddock Electronics Inc.
    Manufactures precision resistors and resistor networks. The product line consists of over 250 models, including high voltage resistors, current sense resistors, chip resistors, high frequency resistors, rf resistors, load resistors, pulse resistors, non-inductive power resistors. Custom resistors and resistor network solutions are also available. USA.
  • Cressall Resistors Ltd.
    Manufactures electrical power resistors expanded mesh, edgewound coil, stamped grid, and wirewound) for applications such as dynamic braking for industrial drives and the traction industry, neutral earthing for transformer and generator protection, as well as harmonic filters, motor starters and a range of portable load banks for on-site load testing. UK.
  • EBG Elektronische Bauelemente
    Manufacturer of standardized and customized precision, high voltage, high power non-inductive thick film resistors, inlcuding high voltage resistors, power resistors (mounted to heat sink), ultra high power resistors, voltage dividers, shunts, metal film, and custom designed resistor. Austria.
  • Electrohm Ltd
    Manufacturer of standard loose elements from 20 Watts wire wound to 6 KWatts HD Type edge-coil resistors, standard enclosed high power resistors unit from 100 Watts to 10 KWatts, custom built resistors units to exact requirements from Watts to Mega Watts. Core products are the wire wound resistors and edge-coil power resistors. Also manufactures a diverse range of complimentary products including, grid type resistor banks such as zdex or barmet, helical coil HC resistors, mica elements and space heaters. UK.
  • Enapros
    Manufactures aluminium housed chassis mounted wire wound resistors, aluminium housed metal clad braking resistors, ceramic encased wire wound resistor, coiled wire resistors, high wattage wire wound resistors, high power slim-type aluminium housed resistor, silicon coated axial end wire wound resistors, silicon coated wirewound resistors, high power resistors, and high power wire grid resistors. India.
  • Filnor, Inc.
    Manufacturer of power resistors, disconnect switches and control equipment, including neutral grouding resistors, dynamic braking resistors, harmonic filtering resistors, load banks, knife switches, bolted presssure contact switches, DB high current switches, transit braking resistors, transit vehicle switches and components. USA.
  • Florida RF Labs
    Development and manufacture of thin film microwave resistive products, and high reliability RF and microwave coaxial cable assemblies. Products include attenuators, resistors, flange, coaxial remote, power divider, hybrid couplers, and legacy products used in military, space, commercial, broadcast and medical applications. USA.
  • Frizlen GmbH & Co. KG
    Designs and produces resistors and resistor combinations, including cement coated and uncoated wirewound tubular fixed and adjustable resistors, cement coated wirewound potentiometers, wire-wound flat resistors, wirewound lamina type fixed resistors, and steel-grid fixed resistors. Germany.
  • International Resistive Company, Inc.
    Provides a widest range of resistive devices designed for surface mount applications. Products include thin film tantalum nitride discretes and networks on ceramic and silicon substrates for precision high-frequency applications, thick film low- and high-resistance chips, wirewound resistors and assemblies, and cylindrical surface mount resistors. USA.
  • Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and provider of resistors, including carbon film resistors, metal film resistors, flame-proof metal oxide film resistors, fusible metal film resistors, thick film chip resistors, cement wire-wound resistors, and various type of wire-wound power resistors. Taiwan, China.
  • Ohmcraft
    Produces high voltage resistors, very high value resistors, custom resistor network, surface mount resistors with gold bonding pads, standard military oriented surface mount resistors, quartz heaters, cartridge heaters, patterning on cylinders and other non-planar surfaces with patterning on steel, quartz, glass, ceramic, and more. USA.
  • Post Glover Resistors Inc.
    Manufactures neutral grounding resistors, ground fault relays, high resistance grounding systems, intelligent high resistance grounding fault detection with feeder indication, dynamic braking resistors, motor and crane control resistors, cutler-hammer resistors, heaters and ballasts, load banks, harmonic filtering resistors, transit and locomotive resistors. USA.
  • Powertron GmbH
    Manufacturer of ultra precision resistors, precision shunt resistors, resistor networks for precision current measuring with high cut-off frequency, power resistors with high pulse energy capability, special resistors, and metalfoil resistors. Germany.
  • Ywh Chau Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures non-flammable wire-wound power resistors, non-flammable wave-shape ribbon-wound power resistors, non-flammable flat wire-wound power resistors, non-flammable flat wire-wound power resistors, large capacity metal-clad fixed resistors, variable wire-wound power resistors, cement type resistors, and percision metal film resistors. Taiwan, China.

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