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Power capacitors are important components in systems for transmission and distribution of electric power. Power capacitors are used primarily to increase power transmission capability through parallel and series compensation, for voltage stabilisation through static var-systems, and as filters for eliminating harmonics. A capacitor installation for relatively high power applications generally comprises within a single enclosure a plurality of capacitor sections that are mutually interconnected in parallel and/or series combination to achieve the desired capacitance. A low-voltage electrical power capacitor is generally made up from capacitive windings formed by a coil of metallized dielectric films. High power capacitors are generally used without any special protection, an external coating of enamel or varnish being sufficient to ensure completely satisfactory operation under normal conditions of use.

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  • Baron Power Ltd.
    Develops and manufactures heavy duty dry type capacitors, capacitor banks, wall mounting automatic power factor correction systems, dynamic power factor correction systems, passive tuned harmonic filter systems, automatic triplen harmonic filter systems, and energy management systems. India.
  • Circutor SA
    Manufactures power factor regulators, low voltage power capacitors, automatic capacitor banks, static automatic capacitor banks, automatic capacitor banks with detuned filters, static capacitor banks with detuned filters, harmonic filters and EMI, M.V. power capacitor banks and accessories. Spain.
  • Commonwealth Sprague
    Manufacturer and international marketer of AC capacitors and power quality/energy savings products for industrial markets. Products include single phase AC capacitors for motor run, lighting, filtering, and general purpose applications as well as 3-phase power factor correction cells for use in power factor correction and harmonic filter assemblies. USA.
  • Gilbert Electrical Systems
    Supplier of metal enclosed welded construction high voltage capacitor banks, metal enclosed single step low profile high voltage capacitor banks, metal enclosed, multi-step low profile bolted construction (transclosure style) high voltage capacitor banks, high and medium voltage reactors, custom switchgear, specialty enclosures for high and medium voltage spplications, and capacitor controls. USA.
  • L and S Electronics (p) Ltd.
    Manufactures M.P.P. capacitor self healing type oil filled and epoxy P.U. resin filled capacitors used as electric fan motors, motor run capacitor and electrolytic motor start capacitor, capacitors as tubular flourescent high pressure mercury and low pressure sodium vapour discharge lamp, power capacitors of self healing type for AC Power systems having rated voltage upto 440V AC. India.
  • LCR Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures a complete range of standard and custom EMI filters (RFI filters, EMC filters), power capacitors, motor run capacitors, X & Y suppression capacitors, motor controls and electronic controls for many applications; from appliances, portable tools and industrial equipment to sophisticated defense and aerospace-related products and programs. Also designs and manufactures custom and standard backplanes, card cages, chassis and sub-system enclosures for military, aerospace, medical and high end commercial applications. USA.
  • Unity P F Company
    Engaged in manufacturing medium and high voltage bushings for power capacitors, and offers consultancy related to the field of power capacitor. The bushings consist of electrical grade porcelain shell that is fitted with stainless steel cap with stud and mounting flange. Also supply top lids of capacitors with bushings press fitted. India.
  • Yuhchang Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of high voltage power capacitors, low voltage power capacitor, capacitor for surge absorption, capacitor for low frequency furnace, Ccapacitor for high frequency furnace, capacitors for electrical apparatus, automatic power factor regulation panel, and automatic power factor regulator. Taiwan, China.

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