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High-voltage ceramic capacitors generally have a ceramic porcelain, electrodes (Ag, Cu, Ni/Sn or the like) provided on main surfaces of the ceramic porcelain, a metal terminal joined to each of the electrodes, and a resin coating closely provided on the dielectric ceramic and the electrodes over all. In high-voltage ceramic capacitor, the metal terminal is generally soldered to the electrode by high-temperature processing. A capacitor used in applications in which a high voltage is applied is required to have high voltage resistance, and suppress flashover in the outer surfaces.

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  • Hivolt Capacitors Limited
    Designing and manufacturing high voltage capacitors, typical applications include X-ray power supplies, linear accelerators, laser, radar and pulse equipment, RF transmitters, railway traction and general high voltage power supplies. A range of pulse-forming networks and high-voltage rectifiers are also manufactured. UK.
  • CalRamic Technologies LLC
    Manufactures high voltage ceramic capacitors including disc multipliers, commercial and military multi-layer capacitors, space level multi-layer capacitors, pulse discharge capacitors, coated disc capacitors, bare disc capacitors, and bare single layer disc capacitors for a wide variety of applications. USA.
  • Celem International
    Manufacturer of power capacitors for medium and high frequency induction heating, configurable assembly systems, transformers and capacitors for use in high-voltage smoothing and bypass and of course custom-design tank capacitor solutions for any and every high-power resonant technology application. Israel.
  • Custom Electronics Inc.
    Specializes in high-voltage capacitor components, subassemblies, or modules for military or commercial uses, including power-supply systems for communications and weather satellites, transmitter power-supplies for electronics counter measures, detonating devices for exploding foil initiators (EFIs or EBWs) used in electronics safe arm devices, guidance-system transmitters for missiles, starters for jet ignition systems, and unpackaged breadboarding circuitry. USA.
  • Elwood Corporation
    Manufactures high voltage disc style ceramic capacitors, industrial flexible shaft machines, heavy duty photoelectric controls, high pressure hydraulic valves and systems, servo and stepper motors, robotic and secondary automation for the plastic injection molding industry, and proportional solenoids. USA.
  • HV Component Associates
    Specializes in the design, development and manufacture of high voltage diodes and assemblies, high voltage bridges and bridge assemblies, custom high voltage multipliers, high voltage power supplies, custom high voltage component assemblies, high voltage disk ceramic capacitors, and surge suppression components and assemblies for specific customer applications. USA.
  • Johanson Manufacturing Corporation
    Offers a wide variety of variable capacitors for RF and microwave applications. Supplies fiber optics products includes a full line of connectors, adapters, variable attenuators, ferrules, and sleeves for single mode and multimode applications. Cable assemblies and termination kits are also available. USA.
  • Nokian Capacitors Ltd.
    Engineers and manufactures equipment and systems for reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. Products include high voltage capacitor, enclosed capacitor banks, harmonic filters for high voltage, low voltage capacitor units, automatic detuned filter capacitor banks, wall mounted and cubicle type automatic capacitor banks, thyristor controlled reactors, damping reactors, power factor controllers, and compensation systems. Finland.
  • RFI Corporation
    Offers components such as high voltage capacitors, high current capacitors, film-foil capacitors, pulse modulators, transformers and reactors, and a variety of other products designed for industrial, medical, military and other commercial applications. USA.
  • Syfer Technology Limited
    Manufacturer of multilayer ceramic capacitors, high voltage multilayer chip capacitors, low inductance capacitors, CECC approved SMD and radial capacitors, stacked chip capacitors, high dielectric withstand voltage (DWV) capacitors, planar capacitor arrays, varistor (MOV) planars and varistor filters, surface mount pi-filters, multilayer discoidal capacitors, and custom multiway filter assemblies. UK.

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