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Miniaturization of electric and electronic instruments depends largely the high packaging density of the circuit. A chip capacitor has the advantages that the size is small, a large capacitance is obtained in a small size of capacitor, the high density of mounting on a printed circuit board is possible by bonding the chip capacitor on a flat conductive pattern. The microelectronics industry commonly uses ceramic or glass monolythic chip capacitors for printed circuit board construction. A chip type capacitor is also widely used in electronics appliances including miniature radio sets, tape recorders, electric calculators, and electronic tuners in television sets. A chip type capacitor comprises of a dielectric block, a pair of conductive electrodes embedded in the block or provided on the surface of the block, and a pair of terminals at opposite ends of the block. A chip type solid electrolytic capacitor is in the form of a chip comprising, as its core, a capacitor element having an anode-dielectric-cathode structure. A multilayered chip capacitor (MLCC) has a structure such that internal electrodes are inserted between a plurality of dielectric layers.

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  • Aeroflex / Metelics, Inc.
    Manufactures chip capacitors; InGap HBT amplifiers for cellular, PCS, 2.5/3G, MMDS, WLL and other types of wireless infrastructure applications; schottky diodes for RF and microwave mixers, sampling bridges, limiters, and fast switches; pin diode chips and beam leads for switch and attenuator applications; RF/microwave components and subassemblies. USA.
  • Johanson Technology, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality ceramic components for RF/wireless and microwave applications. Products include broadband single layer capacitors, SLC microwave/millimeterwave capacitors, power Q capacitors, chip antennas, EMI filter arrays, RF ceramic chip inductors, and custom thin film metalized substrates. USA.
  • KEKON Ceramic Capacitors
    Manufacturer of high voltage chip capacitors, radial MLC capacitors, ceramic chip safety capacitors for radio interference suppression, and chip fuses. Capacitors are offered in three most popular temperature characteristics. They are designed according to international specification IEC (or to EIA) as the ultrastable CG, the stable 2R1 (X7R), and the general purpose 2F4 (Y5V). Slovenia.
  • KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.
    Manufactures tantalum chip capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, ceramic capacitor array, tantalum dipped radial, surface mount resistors, current sense resistors, mini flat package type thick film resistor networks, concave termination with square corners resistor array, leaded SIP networks, fixed carbon film melf resistor, tempco thermistors, diode terminator network, chip fuse, multilayer type metal oxide varistor, surface mount inductors, multilayer power ferrite bead, and integrated components. USA.
  • Lucky Top Technologies Limited
    Manufactures electrolytic capacitor, ceramic capacitor, ultilayer ceramic capacitor, chip capacitor, metallized film capacitor, mylar capacitor, tantalum capacitor, chip tantalum capacitor, chip resistor, resistor, led, diode, transistor, condensor mic, trimmer, and tact switch. Hong Kong, China.
  • M-Pulse Microwave Inc.
    Manufacturer of RF and microwave semiconductor products, including silicon bipolar MMIC cascadable amplifiers, silicon bipolar high fT and high gain transistors, silicon germanium high fT and low noise transistors, schottky diodes (biased), schottky zero bias diodes, schottky diodes, tunnel diodes, PIN/NIP diodes, PIN limiter diodes, step recovery diodes, varactor diodes, noise diodes, sampling phase detectors, MIS capacitors, surface mount devices, and HP replacements. USA.
  • MicroMetrics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of standard and custom RF/Microwave Diodes and Semiconductor Devices, including chip capacitors, resistors, spiral inductors, attenuator pads, abrupt varactors, surface mount PIN diodes, high frequency mixers and detectors, tuning varactors, step recovery diodes, schottky diodes, and point contact diodes. USA.
  • Minicaps
    Offers prototyping and manufacturing services of LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramic) multilayer substrate and packaging technology for high-frequency devices in a wide variety of wireless, telecommunication, microwave, automotive, professional electronics, LTCC bluetooth, antenna module, transmitter, power amplifier, filter component, duplexer switch, and other applications. USA.
  • RTM International, Inc.
    Supplier of dipped mica and chip mica capacitors, ceramic filters and ceramic discriminators to the electronic industry. Dipped mica products include single and multiple dip, standard and non-standard values, tight tolerances, high voltage, tape and reel, metallurgical bonding, metal clad, crimped and cut leads, copper leads. USA.
  • Tecdia, Ltd.
    Produces single-layer chip capacitors, ultra high-K single-layer capacitors, custom chip capacitors, alumina thin film circuit boards, pushup pins (needles), needle holders, collets and pockets, nozzles, window clampers, heat frames, cases, ball attachment tools, broadband and high-current bias-Tees, DC power sequence boards for GaAs FET amplifier, and diamond products. Japan.
  • TPL Microelectronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high temperature MLCC chip and leaded capacitors, high voltage MLCC chip and leaded capacitors, high voltage radial leaded disc capacitors, high voltage, high power axial leaded capacitors (door knob), electro-magnetic interference filtered feed-throughs, porcelain capacitors, medium and high power high frequency capacitors, non magnetic fixed capacitors for medical imaging equipment, multi-layer ceramic capacitors for RF and microwave. USA.

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