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A ceramic capacitor generally consists of a sintered body in the form of a chip, and a pair of external electrodes formed on both terminals of the chip.  In a multi-layer ceramic capacitor, the sintered body is generally made of alternately laminated dielectric layers and internal electrodes. The adjacent two internal electrodes are aligned with one dielectric layer sandwitched therebetween and are each electrically connected to the external electrodes. Generally, a multilayer ceramic capacitor (multilayer chip capacitors) comprises dielectric ceramic layers, internal electrodes disposed between the dielectric ceramic layers, and an external electrode connected to these internal electrodes on both sides of the dielectric ceramic layers. Monolithic ceramic capacitors have a rectangular shape, and are provided with external electrodes at the opposite ends. Ceramic dielectric layers are each placed between the internal conductors. A semiconductive ceramic capacitor used as a passive electronic circuit element is generally classified into a surface-layer type ceramic capacitor and a boundary-layer ceramic capacitor. The surface-layer semiconductive ceramic capacitor includes a reduction and reoxidation type semiconductive ceramic capacitor and a barrier-layer type semiconductive ceramic capacitor.

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  • Advanced Monolythic Ceramics
    Produces planar array capacitors, used primarily by the filtered connectors industry, including mil-circular layouts, ARINC layouts, all manner of d-subminiatures, audio layouts, and many custom geometries; and discoidal capacitors, discrete devices used in filter cans and other discrete filtering applications. Features switch-mode ceramic capacitors, commercial switch-mode radial leaded capacitors, and high voltage radial leaded capacitors. USA.
  • American Technical Ceramics Corp
    Designs, develops, manufactures and markets multilayer capacitors, single layer capacitors, resistive products, inductors, custom thin film products and LTCC products for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications, primarily focused on the wireless communications infrastructure, fiber optic, medical electronics, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, defense, aerospace, and satellite communications markets. USA.
  • High Energy Corp.
    Manufacturer of high voltage oil-filled and ceramic capacitors for use in high voltage power supplies, X-ray equipment, broadcast equipment, induction heating machinery, cable fault finders and for other high voltage and high current applications. Products include RF transmitting capacitor, pulse capacitor, high power water cooled capacitor, and custom ceramic capacitor. USA.
  • Milestone Global Technology, Inc.
    Manufactures multilayer ceramic capacitor products, including high voltage capacitors, high CV capacitors, standard SMT capacitors, high CV NPO temperature characteristics capacitors , tip-and-ring capacitors, capacitor arrays, trigger capacitor for strobe, flash circuits for digital cameras, and low distortion capacitors for oscillator circuits. USA.
  • Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
    Manufacturer and supplier of chip monolithic ceramic capacitors, high frequency power ceramic capacitors, trimmer capacitors, PTC thermistors, NTC thermistors, chip coils (inductors), ceramic resonators, EMI suppression filters, spherical speaker products, piezoelectric sound components, AC-DC converters modules, pyroelectric infrared sensors, non-contact potentiometers, and optical transceiver. Japan.
  • Novacap
    Produces multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLC) products to the aerospace, military, medical, telecommunications, computer, and oil exploration markets. Products include COG/NPO dielectric capacitor, high capacitance value capacitor, thin profile capacitor, SMT chip capacitors, certified safety capacitors, pulsed power capacitors, and leaded capacitors. USA.
  • Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of ceramic capacitors, iInductors, circuit modules (for power supply, high frequency), recordable optical media, ceramic chip antennas, filters, baluns, multilayer piezoelectric speakers, varistors, NTC thermistors, and bulk feeders. Japan.
  • TDK Taiwan Corp.
    Manufactures EMC components, ferrite cores, power supplies, ceramic capacitors, inductors (coils), transformers, RF components, magnets and magnet application products, sensors, piezoelectric products, recording/reproducing heads, FA systems, optical components, LAN components, delay lines, and semiconductors.
  • TSC Electronics, Ltd.
    Products include ceramic capacitor, film capacitors (metallized polyester), multilayer radial-leaded capacitors, surface mount chip ferrite beads, surface mount inductors and transformers, and leaded chokes, coils and transformers, and current sensor. USA.

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