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A capacitor is an electronic component that stores energy in the electric field created between a pair of conductors on which equal but opposite electric charges have been placed. Capacitors are used for a variety of purposes including signal coupling, motor starting, energy storage, power factor correction, voltage regulation, tuning, resonance and filtration. Capacitors are energy storage devices that are commonly used to supply these energy bursts by storing energy in a circuit and delivering the energy upon timed demand. A capacitor stores a charge and then supplies the charge required for the operation of a electrical device, such as audio amplifiers, surge protectors, power supplies, switching regulators, motor control regulators, computer electronics, and resistance spot welders. These electrical devices often require substantial bursts of energy in their operation. Microelectronic capacitors are becoming increasingly important in microelectronic devices. Microelectronic capacitors have been widely used in integrated circuit memory devices, such as dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices. A capacitor is typically made of two parallel surfaces or plates, each of which is an electrode. In order to obtain a high capacitance, a large dielectric surface area is used, the dielectric may be a gas, liquid, solid, or vacuum.

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  • AVX Corporation
    Manufactures microwave single layer capacitors, metallized polyester and polypropylene film leaded capacitors, multilayer ceramic feedthru chip capacitors and arrays, multilayer ceramic transient voltage suppressors, NTC thermistors, tantalum and niobium oxide capacitors, torson 1.27mm board to board connectors, zinc oxide varistors, SMD thin-film fuse, card-edge connectors, fine pitch SMT board to board connectors, glass dielectric capacitors, and memory card connectors.
  • Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.
    Supplies metal clad RF capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, BC component screw terminal, BC component snap-ins, surface mount capacitors, film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, mica capacitors, motor run capacitors, motor start capacitors, pulse, high frequency & snubber capacitors, tantalum alternatives, wet tantalums, capacitor kits, and contract manufacturing services. USA.
  • Elecsound Electronics Company Limited
    Manufacturer of a broad range of capacitors ( dipped tantalum capacitor, polyester film capacitor, disc capacitor, ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor) , as well as a full line of LED, cermet trimmer potentiometers, zinc oxide varistor and resistors, fuse and thermostat. China.
  • Elna America, Inc.
    Specializes in the sales and design of aluminum electrolytic, electric double layer and tantalum SMD capacitors, including dynacap / double layer capacitors, large can aluminum electrolytic capacitors, miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, surface mount aluminum capacitors, and audio grade aluminum capacitors.
    Manufacturer and supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, polymer chip capacitors, ultracapacitors, power capacitors, EMI suppression capacitors, PTC thermistors, NTC thermistors, varistors, ceradiodes, remote control, mobile communications, infrastructure systems, microwave ceramics and modules, ferrites, surge arresters, inductors, chokes, and EMC components. Germany.
  • KEMET Corporation
    Produces high-performance solutions, including the complete line of surface-mount tantalum, ceramic, and aluminum capacitor technologies used in electronic equipment, including computers, telecommunication, automotive electronics, military electronics, medical electronics, and consumer electronics. USA.
  • NIC Components Corp
    Global supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors (chips and arrays), film capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, double layer capacitors, low ESR capacitors, thick film chipresistors and arrays, thin film chip resistors, current sensing resistors, chip attenuators, NTC thermistors, film resistors, networks, SMT power inductors, chip inductors, ferrite chip beads, common mode chokes, RF MLCC capacitors, chip inductors, chip attenuators, ferrite chip beads, common mode chokes, silicon rectifier diodes, schottky barrier diodes, and varistors.
  • Presidio Components, Inc.
    Manufactures single layer, microwave and fiber optic capacitors, multilayer chip capacitors, SMPS / stacked capacitors, radial leaded high voltage capacitors, high voltage chip capacitors, capacitors for space and military applications, buried broadband capacitors, filter feedthrough capacitors, buried capacitor substrates, coated capacitors, cryogenic capacitors, custom SMPS assemblies, custom lead frames, encased SMPS capacitors, multiplayer co-fired pies capacitors, multiple capacitor arrays, planar capacitors, vertical stacked capacitors, and low profile (thin) capacitors. USA.
  • Shenzhen Topmay Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor, solid tantalum capacitor, wet electrolyte tantalum capacitor, tantalum capacitor, radial tantalum capacitor, SMD multilayer ceramic capacitor, axial multilayer ceramic capacitor, radial multilayer ceramic capacitor, high voltage ceramic disc capacitor, ceramic disc capacitor, high voltage metallized polypropylene film capacitor, metallized polypropylene film X2 capacitor, low impedance SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor, screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and axial bi-polar aluminum electrolytic capacitor. China.
  • Skyline Technology Electronics
    Produces tantalum capacitors (dipped solid tantalum capacitor, chip tantalum capacitor, wet tantalum capacitors, metal-cased tantalum capacitor), multi-layer ceramic capacitor (general purpose capacitor and high voltage capacitor), metallized film capacitor (polyester and polypropylene), chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor , chip resistor and other electronic components. China.
  • Solotronics Technology Ltd.
    Manufactures SMD tantalum capacitors, dip tantalum capacitors, axial solid tantalum capacitors, axial wet tantalum capacitors, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors, safety standard ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors, metallized polypropylene capacitors, and SMD aluminum capacitors. China.
  • Vatronics Technologies Limited
    Manufacturer of capacitors and resistor, including radial tantalum capacitors, SMD tantalum capacitors, lead type radial and axial film capacitors, polyester, metallized, polypropylene, X2 capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, lead type cermet trimmer potentiometers, varistors, NTC thermistors and NTC temperature sensors. China.

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