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A great number of optical disks are being used in various fields. Optical disks currently include read-only disks such as the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM and record-once disks such as the CD-R and DVD-R. Rewritable optical disks include CD-RW, and DVD-RAM. Typical recordable optical media use a thin layer of gold as the reflective layer. Recordable optical media commonly have a transparent substrate, a dye containing recording layer is disposed on top of the substrate, a reflective layer is formed on top of the dye layer, and a protective layer is formed on top of the reflective layer. Rewritable optical disks like the DVD-RAM have very large capacity, they can store a good many moving/still images. When moving/still images are recorded on a rewritable storage media, information for search and retrieval of the images is created and recorded in a navigation information file on the storage media. The DVD-RAM disk comprises data sectors for use in recording data. Each data sector largely includes a header region and a recording region. DVD-RAM can berewritten over 100,000 times and Supports time slip recording and recording without border in/out writing. A CD-RW recorder can rewrite 700 MiB of data to a CD-RW disc roughly 1000 times. CD-RW uses phase change technology to alter the reflectivity of the disk surface. CD-RW recorders can also write CD-R discs.

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  • Alera Technologies
    Developer and manufacturer of solutions for the USB, DVD and CD duplicating, recording, and digital imaging markets. Products include DVD.CD autoloaders, DVD recorders, digital imaging, DVD/CD media, robotic DVD/CD disc publisher, and accessories. USA.
  • Media 100
    Provider of editing systems for the corporate, broadcast, post production, and multi-media industries. Featuring the most intuitive and easy-to-learn NLE interface, the company's product lines include Media 100 HD, a hardware-based HD and SD professional editing solution and Media 100 sw, a software-based companion to existing Media 100 systems, built on the familiar Media 100 interface.
  • Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
    Providing a complete set of home video editing tools for the consumer market. The company’s product lines, including PCTV? Dazzle? Pinnacle ShowCenter? Pinnacle Studio MediaSuite? and its flagship Pinnacle Studio?line, cover the needs and requirements of everyone from entry-level to intermediate and advanced video storytellers. USA.

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