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Bar code symbols have become widely used in many commercial fields such as, point-of-sale (POS) stations in retail stores and supermarkets, inventory and document tracking, and various data control applications. A barcode scanner is an apparatus which applies light such as a laser beam emitted from a light source toward a bar code portion and reads the bar code from an electronic signal obtained by receiving its reflected light. In bar code scanning systems, a light beam is scanned across a bar code symbol, and reflected light is collected, using either retroreflective or non-retroreflective light collection. Barcode scanners typically employ decoding circuitry to interpret the signals produced by a photodetector receiving the reflected light from the bar code symbol. To meet the growing demands, bar code readers of various types have been developed for scanning and decoding bar code symbol patterns and producing symbol character data for use as input in automated data processing systems. Bar code scanners generally fall within one of two types, laser scanners and contact scanners. A laser bar code reader is composed of a laser beam generating light source, a laser beam shaping optical system, a scanning optical system, a signal light detecting optical system, a waveform shaping circuit, and a bar code decoding circuit. The laser light from which is collimated and focused to produce a scanning beam, The scanner scans its emission output on barcode information by a scanning mirror, reads intensity of a reflected light from a barcode by a photodetector, so that a barcode signal corresponding to the barcode information is obtained. CCD type bar code optical scanners commonly have a LED light source, a CCD (charge coupled device), and a processing circuit.  A portion of the light which is reflected from the coded symbology is detected by the CCD linear sensor and converted into an electrical signal which is the basis for a digital image of the coded symbology that has been scanned. Contact readers are light-weight and easy to use, but require substantially direct contact or placement of the reader on the symbol to enable the symbol to be properly read.

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  • Accu-Sort Systems, Inc.
    Supplies bar code scanners, RFID, and a wide range of integrated, real-time data management systems for wholesale, retail, warehousing, distribution and transportation operations. ProvideS both line and omnidirectional scanners, including CCD cameras, RFID readers and antennas as well as label printer-applicators and systems for small-item sortation, in-motion scaling, dimensioning, inventory distribution and control and compliance labeling. USA.
  • Baracoda, Inc.
    Specializes in wireless data capture solutions for mobile applications, supplies a wide range of bluetooth barcode devices and adapters that enable multiple applications with PCs, Mac, POS, PDAs, Terminals, Mobile Phones, robot and LAN networks.
  • Champ
    Specializes in barcode scanning and badge reading products, including CCD scanners, laser scanners, barcode slot readers, LCD monitors, touch screen monitors, magnetic swipe readers, scan engines, fixed position CCD and Laser scanners, barcode slot modules, manetic swipe modules, Insertion badge readers, open frame CRT or LCD monitors, data collect terminals and peripherals. USA.
  • American Microsystems, Ltd.
    Manufactures wireless data collection terminals, vehicle mount terminals, programmable stationary terminals, CommandLink application design software, portable data terminals, inventory management software, labelworks bar code labeling software, cordless bar code scanning systems, and a broad selection of bar code decoders/readers.
  • Datalogic
    Manufacturer of bar code readers, mobile computers, and RFID systems. Product range covers hand-held and fixed-position bar code readers using both laser and CCD technologies. Italy.
  • Inducomp Corporation
    Manufactures keyboard wedge decoders, laser guns, CCD scanners, barcode and magnetic stripe readers, industrial keyboards, keypads and mice, wall/desk mount industrial computers, rack mount chassis, data collection PC-time clock, and factory terminals. USA.
  • Leuze lumiflex, Inc.
    Offers an extensive line of safety and automation products including safety light curtains and grids, laser area scanners, opto-electronic devices including a full line of sensor products, bar code readers for both standard and 2-D applications, and optical data transmission systems. USA.
  • Metrologic Instruments, Inc.
    Manufacturer of point-of-sale bar code scanners and OEM scan engines, industrial high speed vision and scanning systems, and adaptive optical systems; including hand-held scanners, in counter scanner, portable data collector, and omnidirectional bar code scanner. USA.
  • Microscan Systems, Inc
    Developer of hands-free automated bar code scanners, decoders for automated systems, automated document handling, electronic manufacturing, clinical diagnostic analyzers, automated tape libraries, and quality/process control tracking applications. USA.
  • Opticon, Inc.
    Developer, manufacturer and supplier of automated identification and data collection systems, providing a wide range of bar code scanning products such as handheld scanners, slot readers, scan engines, fixed position and OEM bar code scanners. USA.
  • SCAN Corporation
    Manufacturer of embedded touch screen PC's and terminals, bar code and optical character recognition (OCR) readers and systems. The full line of bar code and OCR readers includes all popular interfaces: keyboard wedge, serial RS-232, OCIA, and PC add-in card. USA.
  • Scanning Devices Inc.
    Designs and manufactures sensors, instruments and controls for industrial automation. Products include barcode systems, smart displays, loadcell controllers, timers counters, temperature loggers, dispensing controls, and photoelectric sensors. USA.
    Manufacturer of sensors and sensor systems for industrial applications, products include encoders, ultrasound sensors, inductive, capacitive or magnetic proximity sensors, magnetic cylinder sensors, photoelectric switches, contrast and luminescence scanners, colour sensors, fork photoelectric switches, light grids, distance sensors, data transfer systems, vision sensors, position finders, and light-section sensors. Germany.
  • Socket Communications, Inc.
    Offers a family of bar code scanning products including integrated compact flash scan card, secure digital scan card, and cordless hand scanners with buetooth. Develops and distributes a broad range of data collection and network connectivity products for mobile devices such as PDA’s, Smartphones and tablet notebooks. USA.

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