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A common type of external antenna used with traditional television receivers is yagi antenna where only one of many dipole elements of the antenna is connected by means of a cable. They are made from electrically conductive material and can reflect radio waves, and also oscillate with the radio waves to enhance the effect of the connected element through resonance phenomena. Conventional indoor TV antenna systems generally include two separate antennas for respective VHF and UHF reception. The antenna for receiving the VHF bands employs a pair of telescopic elements forming a dipole with each of the elements having a maximum length of from 4 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2.5 m). The indoor UHF antenna typically is a loop having a diameter of about 71/2 inches (20 cm). Recently satellite television systems have emerged as an alternative to cable television systems. The use of satellite antennas for reception of television transmissions from satellites has increased rapidly in recent years. C-band parabolic antennas previously used in satellite television systems have been replaced by mini-dish receivers used in direct broadcast satellite (DBS) systems. Direct broadcast satellite systems allow households to receive television, audio, data and video directly from the DBS satellite. Each household subscribing to the system receives the broadcast signals through a satellite dish antenna and a receiver unit.

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  • Hangzhou Tianba Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of coaxial cable and TV antennas, including remote-controlled rotating antenna, multi-directional microwave antenna, antenna amplifier, electrical signal demodulator, CATV temperature-compensatory main line amplifier, neighboring frequency mixer, and tube coaxial cable. China.
  • Jensen
    Manufactures and supplies indoor TV antennas, 8-device Universal learning remote, multi-device universal remote, multimedia headsets, CD storage wallets, mini RF modulator, remote control extender, 2.4 GHz wireless audio/video sender, AM/FM passive antenna, amplified AM/FM antenna, noise cancelling headphones, wraparound earbuds, retractable wraparound earphones, padded headphones with retractable cord, and boom microphone.
  • Masda Antenna Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures remote-controlled rotating antennas, outdoor antennas, antenna boosters, CATV amplifiers and splitters, outdoor and indoor TV amplifier, branch alloter system equipment and anti-theft device for auto and motercycles. China.
  • O.W. Donald Co.
    Manufacturer and supplier of exterior TV antennas, interior TV antennas, AM/FM fully automatic antenna, rubber mast antenna, side mount antenna, satellite radio antennas, A/V cables, network cables, radio cables, TV cables, RCA connectors, TV Antenna connectors, battery protector, FM modulators, IR repeater, line converters, noise filter, inverters and amplifiers. USA.
  • Patriot Antenna Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures a complete line of commercial antenna systems, sizes range from 60 cm to 9 meters, including DBS/DTH configurations, Ku, Ka, and C-Band transmit/receive antennas and feeds, SNG mobile units and flyaway transportables, receive-only applications for broadcast, CATV, and education, and transmit/receive VSAT antennas. USA.
  • Winegard Company
    Produces digital satellite antennas, ground mounted satellite dishes , fixed/transportable mobile Internet antenna, manual crank-up bi-directional UHF/VHF antenna, omnidirectional UHF/VHF antenna, elemetry antenna system (antennas, amps, power supplies, combiners, splitters, and coax), outdoor air TV reception antennas, and HDTV antennas. USA.
  • Xinguang Microwave Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures TV transmitting antenna, VHF four dipole transmitting antenna, star-point duplexing synthesizer, coaxial switch, digital satellite receiver, zagile modulater, wireless data communication system, parabolic box antenna, microwave TV transferring equipment, and return path optical receiver. China
  • Yabang Antenna Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of rod antenna, TV antenna, indoor and outdoor antenna, mobile phone antenna, car antenna, adapters, and accessories. China.
  • Zhejiang Xinxidi Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer specializing in infrared remote-controlled rotating antenna, indoor antenna, TV infra-red remote-controlled antenna, amplifiered indoor TV antenna, booster, and yagi antenna. China.

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