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Satellite antennas are used in various fields that need data from and passed through satellites. There is an ever increasing need for communications with satellites, including reception of satellite broadcasts such as television and data and transmission to satellites in vehicles. The use of satellite antennas for reception of television transmissions from satellites has increased rapidly in recent years. The use of satellite antenna allows households to have access to much more television channels than the number of channels that are available through local cable television systems. Satellite antennas have also allowed television transmissions to be accessible to rural households which may not have access to cable television. In recent years, satellite communications have been finding widespread use as a new data transmission medium in international and domestic communication fields. A satellite communication system comprises a satellite orbiting around the earth and transmission and reception earth stations for accessing the satellite. Satellite communication systems typically beam signals from a terrestrial antenna to a geostationary satellite. A typical satellite receive antenna uses a parabolic reflector dish to reflect and concentrate signals to a focal point. A feedhorn or waveguide is positioned at the focal point to receive the focused signals. The feedhorn directs the concentrated signals to a probe which responds to the focused signals by producing a small electrical signal.

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  • AerialScience Limited
    Designs, licenses and manufactures broadband antennas for VHF, UHF, cellular, microwave, ISM and satellite. Products include omni-directional indoor/outdoor antenna, broadband satellite TV receiver, solid parabolic dish antenna, and sectorial antenna with 120 degree coverage. New Zealand.
  • Antenna Research Associates, Inc.
    Develops extremely broadband and electrically small antennas for SIGINT and COMINT applications, individually calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing, and RF subsystems for communication and ECM/ECCM applications. USA.
  • Antennas for Communications
    Manufactures, markets and sells satellite dish antennas, conical horn antennas, radomes, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components, ultra low transmission loss waveguide, and custom shelters. USA.
  • Baird Satellite Supporting Systems
    Manufacturer of antenna mounts for the commercial satellite industry. Products include a variety of non-penetrating roof mounts, penetrating mounts, ridge mounts, wall mounts and mounts for custom applications. USA.
  • CGC Technology
    Specialises in precision tracking antenna solutions for remote sensing, communications, and TT&C. Currently produces X/Y antennas with reflectors that range from 1.8m to 7m diameter, for use in the L, S, and X frequency bands. UK.
  • Chengdu A-Info Science and Technology
    Manufactures GPS antenna, telecommunication antenna, horn antenna, spiral antenna, log periodic antenna, discone-type antenna, power divider and coupler, isolator and circulator, termination and power load, filter and duplexer, low temperature test chamber, and constant temperature heat sink water bath. China.
  • Comtech Antenna Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of satellite and troposcatter antenna systems, including inclined orbit antenna, polar mounted antennas, troposcatter transportable antenna, dual axis polar mounted antenna, quick deployable antenna, and satellite antenna controller. USA.
  • L-3 Communications
    Designer and manufacturer of ground-based radomes and antenna products. Principle products and services include ground-based radomes, shipboard radomes, specialty radomes and reflector applications, high performance antenna systems, radio telescopes, compact range reflectors. USA.
  • Racal Antennas Limited
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of antenna systems for airborne, launcher, satellite, vehicular, transportable, wireless, microcell, subscriber and ground systems. Offers a wide range of tactical antennas covering HF/VHF and UHF frequency bands, base station antennas in GSM900, PCN1800, PCS1900 and UMTS bands. UK.
  • Sea Tel Inc.
    Manufacturer of commercial shipboard stabilized antenna platforms in the world for satellite communications, satellite television and satellite weather systems. Products include dish systems for digital TV, voice and data in small systems, remote antenna management system, and low noise block down converter and feed.
  • Seavey Engineering Associates, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of antennas for satellite systems including mobile satellite, DBS, VSATs, ship earth stations and LEO and GEO user terminals of many types. Provides antennas for WLAN spread-spectrum communications, digital millimeter-wave radios, wireless handheld terminals, RFID devices and a myraid of other applications. USA.
  • Space Star
    Engaged in the research and development , manufacture, and service of satellite communication antenna equipment and microwave components. Products include earth station antenna, antenna control system and tracking receiver, open-circuit TV transmission system and wireless telecontrol system, and microwave components. China.
  • Stella Doradus
    Manufacturer of sectoral, omnidirectional, parabolic and base station antennas for point to point links, point to multi point links, ISM, WLAN, MMDS, data/telephony and CCTV. Frequency ranges cover everything from 1.15GHz-1.5GHz to 6.0Ghz. Solid parabolic dishes cover frequencies between 5GHz and 40GHz. Ireland.

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