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Microwave radio communications are widely used to transfer large amounts of data, such as in earth and space microwave long-distance communications links, as well as in shorter-range, lower-power applications such as the basic voice, video, and data links between. Many antennas are used transmitting and receiving microwave radiation. Microwave radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation having wavelengths between radio waves and infrared radiation. Microwave radiation can travel in specially designed waveguides and can be transmitted through space or atmosphere in a microwave beam from a microwave antenna. The microwave energy can be collected with a microwave antenna. Microwave antennas typically comprise an open ended waveguide and a parabolic reflector or horn and they typically transmit a predetermined frequency in a predetermined direction. Microwave antennas are designed either as broadband antennas or as antennas for a single frequency or band of frequencies.

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  • Antenna Factory Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass omnidirectional antennas, exposed dipole array antennas, glass mount antennas, yagi antennas, base station sector antennas, ceiling mount antennas, corner panel antennas, parabolic antennas, rubber duck antennas, desk mount antennas, CATV coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, solid PE insulated coaxial cable, lightning arrestors, and waveguides. USA.
  • Bluewave Antenna Systems Ltd.
    Manufacturer of folded dipole yagi antennas, offset dipole antennas, offset dipole multiple configuration antennas, omni directional antennas, grid and dual dipole panel antennas, racks, cable assemblies, mounts, clamps, and surge suppressors. Canada.
  • Communication Electronic
    Designs, manufactures and markets antennas for fixed wireless and mobile wireless applications in a wide range of frequency bands. Products include ground plane antenna, whip mobile antenna, omni directional exposed dipole antenna, VHF fibre glass omni directional collinear antenna, UHF fibre glass omni directional collinear antenna, VHF / UHF yagi antenna, grid parabolic antenna, HF broadband dipole antenna, HF monitoring antenna, circular or dual polarized antenna, helical antenna, aeroband antenna, FM broadcast antenna, log periodic dipole antenna, beacon antenna, glide slope monitoring antenna, localizer monitoring antenna, crossed elements yagi antenna and satellite tracking antenna. India.
  • Antenna Development Corporation
    Develops and manufactures high technology antennas for missiles, rockets, re-entry vehicles, and spacecraft. Provides custom solutions for broad beamwidth, low and medium gain antennas for the space and near-space environment. Products include microstrip patch antenna, quadrifilar helix antenna, helix antenna, and microstrip patch arrays (cylindrical and flat). USA.
  • Autotena Co.
    Produces RF communication antennas, including aluminum / fiberglass base station antenna, discone broad band antenna 25Mhz to 1300 Mhz and no ground gain antenna, CB & amateur antenna, quarter wave antenna, dual band and glass mount antenna, XM satellite radio mobile / truck antenna, amplify/booster for VHF and UHF antenna. Taiwan, China.
  • Directive Systems
    Manufacturer of VHF and microwave antennas and related products, including loop yagis and "conventional" yagi-uda arrays, and accessory products such as power dividers and frames for multi antenna arrays. USA.
    Manufacturer of microwave antennas including 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 5.2 GHz, 5.6 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies omnidirectional antennas, sector antennas, dish antennas, panel antennas, yagi antennas, grid antennas antennas for wireless networks. Poland.
  • Microstar Inc.
    Specializes in the design and development of antennas and associated microwave components, for both radar and communications applications. Products include X-band antenna with acquisition antenna, broadband dipole array, deployable conical monopole antenna, orthomode couplers, standard gain horns, and dual linear corrugated feeds.
  • MTI Wireless Edge
    Specializes in the manufacture and design of flat panel antennas for the entire range of frequencies from 0.4 to 40 GHz. In the military market, MTI offers a wide range of broadband, tactical and specialized antennas and antenna systems for communications, COMJAM, ESM, ECM, Sigint (Comint and Elint), as well as special UAV applications. Israel.
  • Platinum Technologies
    Manufactures a wide range of antennas for multiple wireless applications targeted at 900 MHz to 6000 MHz. Product line comprises sectoral, planar, parabolic, omni directional and many other directional antennas. Poland.
  • Renair Antennae Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of antennas and accessories to the data communications industry, covering the complete range of frequencies from Low band to 5.8 GHz together with a wide selection of accessories encompassing cables, connectors and associated products. UK.
    Provides a complete line of base station and remote antennas in frequencies from 800 MHz to 5.8 GHz, with selected products from 300 MHz to 28 Ghz, for applications include cellular, GSM, PCS, DECT, WLL/WLAN and rural point-to-multipoint systems as well as special applications such as radar test targets and digital audio broadcast antennas. Canada.
  • ZCG Scalar
    Designer and manufacturer of radio frequency antennas, including mobile phone antennas, mobile antennas, portable antennas, marine antennas, data link antennas, FM and TV broadcast antennas, collinears, sidemount dipoles, monocones, coaxial dipoles, corner refelectors, and stack arrays. Australia.

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