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With the increasing application of high definition television (HDTV), wide bandwidth HDTV antennas are needed to increase signal directivity (the ability to capture signals sent from a particular direction) while rejecting reflections of that signal that bounce off of surrounding structures which cause ghosting due to phase delays. High definition television is a digital television format which provides approximately twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of existing television standards. The existing TV signal is normally designated an NTSC signal which is analog. Digital transmission of television signals in HDTVcan deliver video and audio services of much higher quality than analog techniques. Digital transmission formats are particularly advantageous for signals that are broadcast by satellite to cable television affiliates and directly to home satellite television receivers.

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  • Antennacraft
    Specialized HDTV/VHF/UHF antenna designer and manufacturer offering HDTV antennas, mini-state antenna, boat antennas, digital antennas, RV antennas, antenna amplifiers, masting/mounts, scanner, and rotator. USA.
  • Antennas Direct
    Manufacturer and distributor of terrestrial digital off-air HDTV antennas, including indoor antennas, short range antennas, medium range antennas, long range antennas, VHF antennas, yagi antennas, mounting brackets, and accessories. USA.
  • Channel Master
    Manufactures satellite antennas and related accessories, off-air reception products for local television reception and HDTV, VSAT antenna systems for receive-transmit and receive-only applications, satellite broadband outdoor units for consumer and enterprise applications, satellite (IFD) and off-air distribution equipment, LNBs (low noise block-converters), and DBS (direct broadcast satellite)/DTH (sirect to home) antenna systems, broadcast reception antennas, mounts, hardware and accessory products. USA.

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