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Citizen band transceivers are widely used in automobiles and recreational vehicles for two-way communication on and off the highways. CB antennas designed for transmissions within the CB frequency range are becoming more and more popular. CB antennas are used to receive and transmit radio waves to and from a radio which operates within a specific range of audio frequencies, in order to achieve maximum radiation and reception of transmitted or received radio signals. CB antenna is externally mounted on the automobile with the remaining components being positioned internally of the automobile and with suitable electrical connection therebetween.

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  • Firestik Antenna Company
    Makes antennas and accessories for the mobile CB market. Products include fiberglass CB antenna kits, fiberglass amateur radio antennas, multi-use radio service (MURS) antennas, stainless mounts, coax, connectors, and adapters. USA.
  • Marvel Communications Co., Inc.
    Manufactures CB antennas, magnetic mounts, trunk/gutter mounts, pick "em" up truckers, roof/deck mounts, mirror mount kits, master blaster, marine antennas, no ground antennas, mobile TV antenna systems, CB replacement whips, coax cable, whips, and parts. USA.
  • Scout telecomunicazioni
    Produces marine antennas, mobile and base antennas, and security antennas, including VHF 3 dB masthead antenna, CB fiberglass antenna, VHF/UHF dual band mobile antenna, UHF 3 dB collinear mobile antenna, wave fiberglass and stainless steel whip, and antenna spacer. Italy.
  • Shakespeare Electronic Products Group
    Supplier of CB marine antennas, marine VHF antennas, digital satellite radio antennas, marine SSB antennas, cellular antennas, Loran C/DGPS antennas, marine AM/FM antennas and accessories, and military antennas. USA.
  • Shark Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of car antennas, including automatic antenna, CB antenna, electronic antenna, car TV antenna, telescopic antenna, gutter mount antenna, fiberglass mast antenna, rubber antenna, custom antenna, dummy antenna, antistatic antenna, replacement mast, extension cable, and GSM antenna. China.
  • Shien Lien Ent. Co., Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures TV antenna, automatic antenna, extention antenna, gutter mount antenna, pillar mount antenna, top/side key antenna, CB antenna, electronic mount antenna, fender mount antenna, and rubber antenna. China.
  • Tian Li Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures car antennas, power antennas, car TV antennas, air purifiers, universal mount antenna, rubber antenna, key antenna, antenna mast, electronic alarms and parking systems. China.
  • Wilson Antenna Company
    Manufacturer of CB and amateur antennas for the automobile, pick-up, RV and 18 wheel tractor rigs. Products include base loaded antennas, trucker antennas, fiberglass antennas, no ground antennas, short load adapter, and floating ground kit. USA.

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