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In order to provide the greatest possible portability, cell phones are generally very small, portable telephones. A cellular telephone system is typically self-contained, receiving power from its own internal battery. The power provided by the battery is limited, particularly due to the need for a small battery in order to reduce the size and weight of the cell phone. Consequently, the telephones operate poorly in locations with poor base station coverage, such as sparsely populated areas. In mobile communication systems, communication quality declines in areas where radio waves from the base station are weak. Furthermore, since radio waves from the base station do not reach the back of a mountain, there are areas where no services can be provided because of some particular geographical features. A RF booster is used to amplify and filter RF signals transferred back and forth between the portable telephone and an antenna, and improve usability in the available coverage of the cellular system of the portable telephone. The radiation power of the antenna in a portable telephone, may be increased using a  booster before the antenna. The booster system receives a desired signal, then amplifies the received signal, and sends radio waves of high intensity toward an object area at the same frequency as that of the received signal. A typical booster for a cell phone may include a power amplifier for amplifying the power of a transmission wave output from the phone to which the booster is connected.

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  • Jdteck Ltd.
    Manufacturer of 3 watt cell phone signal booster, full duplex indoor cellular repeater kit, and network amplifiers, for mobile phones, PDA, wireless PC cards, CDPD modems, in-vehicle hands free kits or GPS tracking equipment, cell socket setups, telular fix Cell setups and many other voice and wireless data transfer devices. USA.
  • Ligao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer specializing in automatic voltage regulator, power inverter, DC regulated power supply, voltage converter, rotating antenna, TV antenna booster, thermoelectric cooler and warmer, and wireless digital doorbell. China.
  • Powerwave Technologies, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets antennas, boosters, combiners, filters, repeaters, multi-carrier RF power amplifiers and tower-mounted amplifiers and advanced coverage solutions, all for use in cellular, PCS and 3G networks throughout the world. USA.
  • SmoothTalker
    Manufacturer of 3 watt cellular phone booster signal amplifier, hands free car kit with privacy handset, cell phone antenna connector cables and high performance dual band cellular antennas with smoothtalker brand small diameter flexible dual and quad shield co axial antenna cable, antenna co-ax connectors and cellphone accessories. Canada.

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