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Antennas are widely used in modern communication and broadcasting products such as cellular phones, satellite television, terrestrial television, radios, radar, and numerous other applications. Antennas are passive devices that convert electrical current to and from electromagnetic waves. Antennas are used in connection with transmitters and receivers for radiating electromagnetic waves into or receiving electromagnetic waves from space. The electromagnetic wave is typically used to carry some sort of signal which can be decoded to result in usable data. An antenna's gain (ratio of the intensity of an antenna's radiation pattern) is based on its directivity and efficiency (lack of dissipative losses). Directivity is an antenna's ability to focus energy in a desired direction. Antennas are typically directional which requires specific mounting criteria in order to receive maximum energy from a signal. A parabolic antenna is a directional antenna used for radio, television and data communications. Parabolic antennas are typically dish-like antennas intended for satellite communication and broadcast reception, space communications, radio astronomy, and radar. An omnidirectional antenna radiates maximum power equally in all directions. A yagi antenna is an antenna made up of an array of a dipole and reflectors (signal reflecting elements).

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  • Antenex, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures antenna and accessory products to exacting electrical and mechanical specifications for critical applications in wireless voice & data, security, military, asset tracking, two-way radio, public safety, and other mission critical applications. USA.
  • ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc.
    Develops and manufactures a wide range of standard and proprietary antenna products and solutions for wireless communications and networking applications, including Wi-Fi, WiMAX, cellular infrastructure, GPS, RFID, asset tracking, bluetooth, homeland security, etc. USA.
  • Comtelco Industries
    Supplies a complete line of base station antennas, yagi antennas, mobile antennas, wireless internet antennas, sector antennas, panel antennas, GPS antennas, portable antennas, plus antenna accessories including antenna mounting hardware, cables and connectors. USA.
  • Embedded Antenna Design Ltd
    Manufactures multiband antenna solutions for telematics, telemetry, monitoring and tracking applications. Product line include fibreglass co-linear/directional yagi/mobile mount antennas, 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM antennas, external waterproof antenna and internal windscreen-mount antenna for GSM/DCS/GPS, internal active GPS antenna, rugged multi-band antennas, and M2M adapter cables.
  • FastNet Solutions Inc.
    Develops wi-fi antenna products, including a wide selection of directional parabolic antennas, patch antennas, rubber duck antennas, and omni-directional antennas; also designs custom enclosures and performs integration for WISP's (wireless internet service providers), first response, commercial, and military wireless equipment. USA.
  • Kenbotong Communication Ltd.
    Produces WLAN broadband spread spectrum communication antennas, SCDMA, CDMA, GSM and PHS base station antennas, repeater station antennas, indoor coverage antennas, square grid parabolic antenna, wireless public telephone antennas, antennas accessories (mounts and brackets, grounding kits, feeder clamps, weatherproof seal tape), and passive components such as splitter, coupler, etc. China.
  • Mars Antennas & RF Systems Ltd.
    Supplier of specialized antennas and RF sub-systems, including antennas for WLL, PCS, DECT, in-building cellular and AVL applications, as well as broadband and high-power antennas for military (ECM, ECCM) use. Also engages in the development and manufacture of RF sub-systems for both commercial and military applications. Israel.
  • Q-par Angus Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures discrete antennas and components and complete systems across the radio frequency spectrum. Specialises in microwave antennas, radar front ends and antenna positioners, standard and non standard microwave horn antennas. UK.
  • Radiall/Larsen Antenna Technologies
    Supplier of antennas (portable/terminal antennas, mobile antennas, WLAN terminal/infrastructure antennas, base station antennas), coaxial connectors, coaxial cable assemblies, microwave components, fiber optic components and other connector solutions, serving the datacom, telecom, commercial avionics and military/aerospace markets. USA.
  • Radio Frequency Systems
    Global designer and manufacturer of cable and antenna systems plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, including transmission lines, base station antenna systems, microwave antenna systems, broadcast antenna, HF and tactical antennas, and RF conditioning products.
  • Sinclair Technologies Inc.
    Provides antenna and filter products, systems, and coverage solutions for public safety and private wireless networks. Products include base station antennas, duplexers, exp multicouplers, isolators and circulators, cavity filters, intermod panels, preselector filters, hybrid couplers, and antenna accessories. USA.
  • Xi'an Haitian Antenna Technologies
    Produces WLL/PHS base station antennas, GSM/CDMA base station antennas, 3G antennas, repeaters, RF passive and active devices, remote control electric down-tilt antennas, dual directional highway antennas, tower blind area covering antennas, camouflage antennas, and smart antennas. China.

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