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A tape drive is a removable storage device that reads and writes data stored on a magnetic tape or a punched tape. Tape streamer drives are used for recording and reproducing digital data to and from a magnetic tape serving as a recording medium held in a tape cassette. A data storage tape drive system generally includes a data storage tape cartridge selectively engaged with a tape drive mechanism. A data storage tape cartridge generally consists of an outer shell or housing maintaining at least one tape reel and a length of magnetic storage tape. The tape drive mechanism also includes transducers, such as a magnetic read/write head, for interacting with and recording data to, or reading data from, the storage tape.

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  • Advanced Digital Information Corporation
    Specializes in data storage for the open systems market with technical, product development, and support expertise in the areas of policy-based data management, systems automation, connectivity, and storage management software. Products include disk-based backup, enterprise-class libraries, midrange libraries, entry-level libraries, data management software, and SAN appliances.
  • ARRAID, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and sells data storage solutions including hardware and software compatible emulation systems, custom products and engineering services, single board computers. Products include disk drive emulation systems, tape drive emulation systems, floppy drive emulation systems, SCSI storage, embedded processors, and file conversion software. USA.
  • Breece Hill LLC
    Product line includes optical drives, autoloaders, tape libraries and integrated appliances to cover the wide variety of customer requirements in the data backup, recovery, archive, data staging and compliance space. USA.
  • Freecom Technologies
    Specializing in the design, manufacture, and service of performance disk and tape storage solutions. Products include tape storage, floppy disk storage, card reader, network media player, storage gateway, hard drive storage, flash storage, optical storage external/mobile, options and accessories.
  • Plasmon
    Develops and manufactures UDO (ultra density optical) professional 5.25 inch optical drives and media, specifically designed to meet the secure archival storage demands of corporations and government agencies. UK.
  • Qualstar Corporation
    Manufacturer of automated tape libraries used for backup, archival storage, data protection and disaster recovery. Qualstar designs and manufactures libraries for the popular AIT, SuperDLT, SuperAIT and LTO tape formats, housing up to 12 tape drives and 600 cartridges. USA.
  • Sun StorageTek
    Delivers a wide range of data storage and archiving offerings that are designed to help customers gain control of their storage environments by reducing the cost, management time, and complexity of their storage infrastructures. Products include tape library, tape drive, tape cartridge, disk systems, fabric switches and directors, routers, and virtual storage manager system.
  • Tandberg Data
    Global supplier and manufacturer of professional tape information storage products based on the SLR, LTO and DLTtape linear technology platforms. The company offers secondary storage products based on tape drives, autoloaders, libraries, media, software and hardware components for mainstream configurations.

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