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Data storage is an important aspect of today's information technology. Many data storage products have been developed to increase the areal data density of a storage medium in order to meet the ever increasing demand for higher capacity storage devices. Optical, magnetic and magneto-optic media are primary sources of high performance storage technology which enables high storage capacity. Magnetic storage devices such as fixed or removable magnetic disks and tapes are widely-used conventional storage devices. Optical storage devices are emerging as an alternative technology to the conventional magnetic technology because of their potential for high density data storage. Optical storage media, such as audio and/or visual compact discs (CD), read-only memory compact disks (CD-ROMs), digital versatile discs (DVD), allows large amounts of data or information to be stored and retrieved. Tape storage is often used as an inexpensive backup for on-line storage, increasing the reliability of computer-stored data by providing a redundant storage location.

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  • Globalstor Data Corporation
    Provider of enterprise data storage subsystems and network technology. The company designs and manufactures enabling technology that provides OEM and disk drive manufacturer customers with data storage products to support high-performance storage and data communication networks. USA.
  • JVC Disc America Co.
    Specializes in optical media replication, multimedia packaging and fulfillment. Manufactures compact discs and DVDs, offers material procurement and supply chain management; multimedia package assembly, warehousing, direct-to-store, business-to-business and e-commerce fulfillment, and reverse logistics management.
  • MAM-A Inc.
    Produces a complete range of CD-R and DVD-R media, once-only recordable discs, micro floppy disc, paper products, CD-ROM and CD-Audio. Manufactures CD-R media in 650 MB and 700 MB capacities, with reflective surfaces of silver or gold. DVD-R media is manufactured in 4.7 GB capacities.
  • Memorex Products, Inc.
    Specializes in CD and DVD media, optical drives, flash drives and media accessories. Other storage products offered include CD and DVD recorders, USB flash drives, and a wide assortment of media cleaning, labeling, and organization products.
  • ODC Nimbus
    Develops and manufactures mastering equipment for the production of CDs, DVDs and next generation optical discs that is used by optical media manufacturers worldwide. The company also provides specialized mastering services to optical disc technology and format developers. USA.
  • Pacific Digital Corporation
    Supplier of broad families of wireless and web-enabled digital picture frames and digital signage, as well as optical storage products. Products include host bus adapters, application-specific integrated circuit, CD burners, DVD burners, and digital media frame. USA.
  • Spectra Logic Corporation
    Designer and manufacturer of storage products for data protection, backup and lower cost of ownership. Products include portable RAID disk, stand-alone drives, hot-swappable drives, interfaces and other library components. USA.

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