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  • Anthology Solutions Inc.
    Creator of terabyte storage appliance which provides sharable and manageable storage for data intensive activities including backup of multiple PCs, automatic archiving of e-mail, precious photo, video, and audio archives, and business-critical working files. USA.
  • EMC Corporation
    Specializes in in products, services, and solutions for information storage and its management. Products include IP storage systems, networked storage systems, high-end networked storage systems, content addressed storage systems, backup/restore and connectivity solutions, directors and switches. USA.
  • IOGEAR, Inc.
    Connectivity manufacturer that provides complete KVM (keyboard, video, mouse), data storage, networking, wi-fi, FireWire, USB (universal serial bus), bluetooth, homeplug and peripheral solutions. USA.
  • LSI Logic Corporation
    Provider of silicon-to-system solutions that are used at the core of products that create, move and store digital information. Offers a broad portfolio of capabilities including custom and standard product ICs, host bus and RAID adapters, storage area network solutions and software applications.
  • XIMETA Inc.
    Offers fully scalable and portable networked storage solutions for consumer and SOHO needs. The company focuses on the growing trend toward networked information storage, in which storage systems are linked on a network via Ethernet. USA.

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