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A floppy disk drive is a device used to perform specific data retrieval and recording functions via a removable media such as a floppy disk. A floppy disk is a sheet of polyester or the like coated with a magnetic material and sealed in a jacket referred to as a diskette. The diskette has a slit for reading and writing recorded information. A floppy disk drive has a disk cartridge for housing a floppy disk so as to rotate freely and is generally used as an external storage device. When the floppy disk is loaded in the floppy disk drive apparatus, the disk is rotated and information is read out or written in via a read/write head. When the recording/reproducing operation is performed in a state that the disk cartridge is loaded, an information signal is recorded on or an information signal recorded is reproduced from the floppy disk by a magnetic head.

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  • Accurite Technologies Inc.
    Developer of floppy drive diagnostic and repair products, PCMCIA and USB peripherals, CompactFlash adapters, as well as PCMCIA, Cardbus, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, SDIO and ZigBee development and diagnostic tools. USA.
  • Kontron
    Supplies floppy drives, computer on modules, ATCA base/fabric switches, PICMG PCI/ISA rack chassis, benchtop and HMI/MMI workstations, PC/104 boards & systems, VME processor boards, VME chassis & systems, VME mass storage, embedded SBC and systems, serial converters, Ethernet switches, cables, converters and connectors.
  • YE Data Inc.
    Manufacturer of internal floppy disk drive, slim floppy disk drive, USB floppy disk drive, card readers, printing systems, digital media reader, memory card viewer, memory stick drive, and tri-media reader. Japan.

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