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Flash memory is a transistor-memory cell which is programmable through hot electron injection and erasable through Fowler-Nordheim tunneling. Flash memory is a type of semiconductor nonvolatile memory comprised of a large plurality of floating gate metal oxide silicon field effect transistors arranged as memory cells in typical row and column array. The data storage space of the flash memory is partitioned into a plurality of blocks, and most blocks are categorized into a number of subgroups, called windows. Flash-based storage systems employ different kinds of logic to provide data and control signals to the flash array. A flash memory storage system is typically composed of two main components: a flash memory unit and an access controller. The flash memory unit is used for data storage, and the access controller is used to control the access operation from the CPU to the flash memory as well as manage the data storage space of the flash memory. The access controller typically consists of a microprocessor, a ROM unit, an SRAM unit, a flash memory interface, and a CPU interface.

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  • BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.
    Develops flash disk, solid state disk (SSD), network storage and file cache solid state storage solutions in 2.5" and 3.5" hard disk drive (HDD) footprint and 19" rackmount configurations, for high speed networking, broadband communications, mobile computing, industrial and personal computing applications.
  • Micron Technology, Inc.
    Manufactures and markets DRAMs, NAND flash memory, CMOS image sensors, other semiconductor components, and memory modules for use in leading-edge computing, consumer, networking, and mobile products. USA.
  • PNY Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of computer graphics accelerator cards for consumers and professional graphics boards for professionals, memory upgrade modules, flash media and flash peripherals. Products include memory upgrades, single slot readers, PCMCIA adapter, flash media, USB flash drives, professional graphic boards, consumer graphics card, digital audio player, and storage processors. USA.
  • SanDisk Corporation
    Designs, develops, manufactures and markets flash storage card products for a wide variety of electronic systems and digital devices. Products include memory cards, USB flash drives, mobile products, gaming products, MP3 players, entertainment cards, readers, writers and adapters. USA.
  • SmartDisk Corporation
    Provides portable, network and multimedia storage products such as palm-size multimedia storage/player, portable disk drive, portable hard drive, external hard drives, high-capacity external desktop drives, Ethernet and USB2.0 combination hard drive for network sharing. USA.
  • STMicroelectronics
    Manufacturer of flash NAND products, RFID and RF memory IC products, OTP and UV EPROM memories, flash NOR, mobile terminals, programmable system memory, random access, serial real time clock, secure integrated circuits, integrated passives and active devices, small signal transistors, voltage regulators, and microcontrollers.
  • US Modular
    Designs, manufactures and assembles memory and storage products. US Modular specializes in standard and high-density memory modules, cards and drives for custom and standard applications. US Modular also develops innovative storage solutions, utilizing flash, DRAM and rotating media. USA.
  • VTEC Industry Europe
    Manufacturer and supplier of memory, portable data storage and digital photography image storage products, including NAND flash drives, 2.5-inch portable hard drives (HDD), 3.5-inch portable hard drives (HDD), CompactFlash format hard drives, digital card readers and storage devices for digital photography, MP3 drives, complete range of memory, and other complementary storage products. UK.
  • Wolverine Data
    Supplier of flash memory card reader and storage drive, high-speed memory card reader portable storage drive, portable multimedia storage and player, li-ion battery and wall outlet charger, portable stereo system, USB flash drive, USB flash drive laser pointer pen, and retractable headset for computer. USA.

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