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isk array systems such as reliable arrays of independent disks (RAID) are used to reliably store data by essentially spreading the data over plural disk drives operating in concert. Arrays of storage devices increase the capacity of disk storage systems by providing more storage capacity than is available using individual disks. An array improves storage performance by providing parallel data paths to read and write information over an array of disks. RAID is an array of storage devices to store computer data. It is an acronym for a redundant array of inexpensive drives. RAIDs consist of a plurality of disk drives configured to operate simultaneously. An analog storage array is an array of switches, such as field effect transistors, and capacitors arranged so that each capacitor in turn may be connected through one or more of the switches to an analog signal line, and then disconnected to store the signal value at the time of disconnection on the selected capacitor.

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  • Cepoint Networks, Llc
    Manufactures industrial strength computing systems, enterprise storage raid, network communication systems, rack mount servers and cluster computers, applied computing products, computer telephony, and technologies for scientific applications and industrial processes. USA.
  • Infortrend Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and markets cross-platform, RAID storage solutions. The company specializes in firmware, driver, ASIC design and development of RAID controllers and subsystems that are storage area network ready, and support iSCSI, fibre channel, SCSI and SATA interfaces. Taiwan, China.
  • Vmetro, Inc.
    Provides integrators of high-end embedded computer systems, including data recorders, storage arrays and media, VME-based and CompactPCI-based single board computers, PMC-based sensor I/O interfaces, signal and data processing boards and sub-systems, and bus analyzers.

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