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There are many different types of storage devices for computer systems, each type having at least some differences in the way it interfaces to a computer system. Stroage adapters removeably interconnect memory storage devices to computer systems and to memory storage device systems. Storage adapters provide many advantages including improved data security, optimization of data backup procedures and sharing of vast amounts of data between nonintegrated networks and systems. Storage adapters also enable multiple users to use a single a machine without interfering with operating settings and data of another.

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  • Advanced Digital Information Corporation
    Provider of intelligent data storage for the open systems market with technical, product development, and support expertise in the areas of policy-based data management, systems automation, connectivity, and storage management software. USA.
  • ATTO Technology, Inc.
    Specializes in storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments. Products include fibre channel storage adapters, SCSI host adapters, fibre channel-to-SCSI bridges, fibre channel-to-SCSI storage appliance, enterprise-class ATA-based RAID Arrays, RAID-level software tools, and utility software for storage disk management. USA.
  • LSI Logic Corporation
    Provider of silicon-to-system solutions that are used at the core of products that create, move and store digital content. Products include host bus adapters (HBAs), RAID adapters, application-specific standard product integrated circuits, application specific standard products, storage area network solutions, and supporting software. USA.
  • Promise Technology, Inc.
    Supplier of SATA RAID data protection and storage solutions, products include SATA host bus adapters, RAID storage hot bus adapters, serial or parallel ATA disk drives, RAID controllers and SAS/SATA external storage systems. USA.

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