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A blade server is essentially a server housing architecture that houses multiple server modules (blades) in a single chassis. Typically, blade servers make use of a midplane to allow multiple modular server cards or "blades" to be associated within a single computer chassis. The multiple blades are then interconnected via the midplane and typical share a common power supply and other resources such as network interface cards and management cards. Each blade typically includes independent processors, computer memory, computer storage, and computer network connections, but sharing the common power supply and air-cooling resources of the chassis. A blade server has a higher calculation capacity and higher stability, and occupies less space than a conventional computer server.

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  • Appro International
    Developer of high-performance, density-managed servers, storage subsystems, and high-end workstations. Products include blade servers, 1U and 2U servers, AMD workstations, and SATA RAID subsystems. USA.
  • Aspen Systems, Inc.
    Specializes in a wide array of custom Linux, UNIX, and Windows computing systems. Products include blade servers, hard drives, KVM switches, processors, rack enclosure cabinets, video cards, networking interface cards, gigabit switches, infiniband cards and switches, and memory products. USA.
  • iXsystems, Inc.
    Offers computing clusters, blade servers, and rackmount servers to a wide cross-section of industries including aerospace, education, medical, government, and enterprise business. Provides storage solutions, custom rackmount servers, and pedestal servers running FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and various versions of Linux such as RedHat, SuSE, Slackware, and Debian. USA.
  • Nexcom International Co., Ltd.
    Provider of applied computing platforms for embedded, industrial and communication market segments. Designs, manufactures and markets industrial PC products, including high-density and high-performance blade servers, fail-over and fault-tolerant CTI platforms, slim servers, single board computers, CompactPCI, embedded computers, fanless systems and network security appliances. Taiwan, China.
  • Silicon Mechanics
    Integrator of rack-optimized servers, storage and high performance computing products. Products include rackform rack servers, Intel rackmount servers, AMD rackmount servers, blade server, storage server, and rack accessories. USA.
  • Tatung Science & Technology, Inc
    Manufacturer of high performance blade server, X86 server and RAID storage products for applications in the life sciences, engineering, nanotechnology, web-based and E-commerce servers, internet servers and HPC clustering environments. USA.
  • Terian Solutions LLC
    Manufacturer and supplier of itanium powered servers, quad dual core computers, enterprise blade server, mass storage devices, pedestal and tower servers, rackmount computers, PCs and workstations, notebook computers, and software products. USA.

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