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A compute server is a high-performance computer system connected to a less powerful client computer system via network hardware and software to provide additional computational power to support the client system. Servers typically have high performance processors and contain hardware and software capable of handling large amounts of data. A typical server includes a main chassis that holds a motherboard and at least one information storage device. In some servers, the information storage device will be accessible or removable through the front face or panel of the server housing. One or more server components are often housed within a server housing or server rack. Server racks are typically box-like structures or cabinets that contain a number of removable electronic modules or electronic trays (e-trays) for server components such as processors, disk drives (such as floppy disk drives, hard drives, compact disk or CD drives, and digital video disk or DVD drives), random access memory (RAM), network interfaces and controllers, SCSI (small computer systems interface) bus controllers, video controllers, parallel and serial ports, and power supplies. Servers provide a large number of computer users with access to large stores of information. In a computer network, individual user workstations are referred to as clients, and shared resources for filing, printing, data storage and wide-area communications are referred to as servers. Users of network servers are provided the ability to view, access, retrieve, and/or store audio, video, data graphics, and/or text files. A server is the critical component of the internet is and is commonly referred to as a web server. A web server is typically a computer which is capable of receiving requests for information and returning data or performing specialized processing upon the receipt of a network request for such processing. Regular computer servers are standardized in size for the convenience of maintenance and management. A server manufactured to the standard form factor known as 1U will have a height of 1.75 inches. Likewise, a 2U server will have a height of 3.5 inches.

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  • Advanced Industrial Computer Systems
    Manufacturing industrial chassis and specialized single board computers, products include ruggedized industrial servers, ruggedized systems, industrial motherboard computers, ruggedized rackmount chassis, passive and bridged backplanes, and LCD portable workstations. Taiwan, China.
  • American Proimage, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and sells custom computers, systems and servers in all form factors including rackmounts (1U to 8U height), high density servers, storage servers, slim PC, industrial RAID tower, embedded systems, workstations, and SBC. USA.
  • Axonix Corporation
    Specializes in manufacturing network multimedia and data storage sharing appliances. Features multimedia, video and CD/DVD-ROM servers that share movies, music, video and data over local area (LAN), wide area (WAN) and Internet networks. USA.
  • Interlogic Industries Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and distributes quality rackmount computer cases, LCD flat panel displays, single board computers, peripherals and custom and pre-configured rackmount computer systems, servers and workstations. USA.
  • ION Computer Systems, Inc.
    Builder of custom servers and workstations for corporate users, embedded applications and high performance computing. Products include custom designed servers and workstations, storage servers, network infrastructure design and implementation, security and access solutions. USA.
  • Micronux, Inc.
    Specializes in custom Linux and FreeBSD-based systems, custom built-to-order desktop PCs, workstations, servers and a reseller of brand-name computer components: CPUs, storage products, motherboards, multimedia products, networking products, video graphic cards, and other accessories. USA.
  • NCS Technologies, Inc.
    Provider of Windows, Linux and BSD solutions across the full spectrum of enterprise technology needs. Product line includes desktop and notebook computers, rackmount and pedestal departmental servers, and web/server appliance platforms. USA.
  • Rackable Systems, Inc.
    Provider of server and storage products for large, scale-out data center deployments, serves internet, semiconductor design, enterprise software, federal government, entertainment, financial services, oil and gas exploration and biotechnology customers. USA.
  • Siliconrax, Inc.
    Designs, engineers and manufactures scalable IT and network server solutions, including dual AMD servers, Intel based servers, pedestal server, backplane, power supply, single board computer, and rackmount chassis. USA.

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