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A wireless adapter is a wireless device that permits a computer or other device to send and receive data from external sources. Wireless adapters enable host devices such as computers to communicate with external peripherals (such as remote controls, joysticks, scanners, digital cameras, wireless network antennas, wireless keyboards, and wireless mouses) without requiring a wired connection between the host devices and the peripherals. A typical wireless adapter has a connector which connects with the host computer in order to connect the wireless adapter to the computer. Such a connector may be a universal serial bus (USB) plug or card. When the wireless USB interface is used for communication purpose, the wireless adapter is used to receive and transmit wireless signals. The wireless adapter may consist of an integrated package or several separate components that can be attached via appropriate cabling. The radio portion of the wireless adapter contains the transmitter, receiver and associated circuitry to provide for RF communications. The transmitter and receiver may share a common antenna via a duplexer. The transmitter and receiver communicate with a host coputer through the connector when the connector is connected to the host computer.

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  • Cameo Communications, Inc.
    Specializes in layer 2 management ethernet switch, wireless client adapter, wireless LAN USB adapter, wireless LAN PCI adapter, wireless LAN AP/router, SOHO router, ethernet switches, media converter, gigabit ethernet card, USB to ethernet converter, web-smart switches and ethernet NIC. Taiwan, China.
  • DrayTek Corp.
    Focuses on providing comprehensive remote access solutions for small office and home users. Products include wireless adapter, smart VPN client, security ADSL router, security VoIP ADSL router, broadband router, internet telephony adapter, wireless LAN client, residential wireless LAN ADSL router. Taiwan, China.
  • JAHT Technologies Corp.
    Manufacturer of wireless cardbus adapter, wireless USB adapter, wireless bridge access point, high speed outdoor bridge, wireless dual-band router, gigabit ethernet adapter, USB storage multiple functions router, broadband router, ADSL modem router, powerline ethernet bridge, multi protocol printer server, and skype phone. Taiwan, China.
  • Lantech Communications Inc.
    Supplier of communication facilities and services in total area networking(TAN). Products include intelligent switches, smart switches, non-management switches, POE switches, gigabit interface transceiver, slots switch, outdoor bridge, access point, wireless broadband router, wireless PCI adapter, wireless USB adapter, wireless LAN PCI adapter, wireless LAN-antenna, print derver, and fast ethernet adapter. Taiwan, China.
  • Nanjing Z-Com Wireless Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of wireless adapters, wireless internet home gateways, wireless enterprise routers, wireless SOHO routers, wireless compact flash cards, wireless access point development library, wireless LAN embedded modules with various form factors, VOIP solutions, as well as a wide array of other WLAN NICs, WLAN access points. China.
  • Senao International
    Manufactures wireless outdoor multi-client bridge, outdoor access point/router, WLAN multi-client bridge/access point/ repeater, broadband security router, multi-client bridge/access point, wireless cardbus adapter, wireless PCI adapter, wireless VoIP phone, mobile phones, private area local mobile phone, wireless PABX, digital cordless phones and wireless local loop. Taiwan, China.

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