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Wireless computer networking technology (Wi-Fi) is used to link computers for tasks such as sharing high-speed internet connections. Wireless communication networks are becoming increasingly common for interconnecting many types of electronic devices such as laptop computers, cell phones, personal digital assistants, input/output devices, entertainment system components and other types of home appliances. Wireless network technology allows a mobile user to wirelessly connect to a wired network, such as an enterprise's local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), or to another wireless network. Generally, wireless networks include access devices (access points) that provide network access to some number of wireless client devices (client stations). An access point in a wireless network may be connected to a wired communication network, and client stations using the wireless network are provided wireless access to the wired network through the access point. Wireless access points are available with varying degrees of intelligence and functionality. Some merely act as bridges that relay wireless traffic into a wired network, while others provide additional functionality.

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  • Proxim Wireless Corporation
    Specializes in scaleable broadband wireless networking systems for enterprises, government and service providers. Products include wireless access points, wireless LAN bridges, client products, outdoor point-to-multipoint wireless ethernet systems, point-to-point wireless ethernet bridges. USA.
  • smartBridges
    Manufactures intelligent dual radio access point, point-to-multipoint wireless access point, dual radio backhaul with traffic prioritization for multimedia applications, wireless backhaul, economical backhaul solution for data applications, customer premise equipment (CPE) with integrated antenna, antennas, and accessories.
  • Symbol Technologies
    Manufacturer and suypplier of access ports and points, wireless switches, power over ethernet, wireless intrusion protection system, bridges and adapters, fixed mount scanners, san engines, mobile computing platforms, laser projection displays, payment systems, and mobile computers.
  • USRobotics
    Manufactures PC card, PCI adapter, multi-function access point, wireless router, wireless USB adapter, ethernet switches, gigabit switches, gigabit cards, network cards, print server, routers, storage drives, ADSL 4-port, USB internet phone and speakerphone. USA.
  • ZyXEL Communications Corporation
    Manufactures wireless access point, VDSL switch, security gateway, ADSL access modem, ADSL modem/router, fast ethernet switch, PCI network adapter, media converter, internet security appliance, intrusion detection and prevention appliance, vantage service gateway, enterprise network element management system, VoIP analog telephone adapter, wireless backhaul bridge, broadband router with firewall, and power line ethernet adapter. Taiwan, China.

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