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A transceiver is a combination of transmitter and receiver that transmits and receives analog or digital signals. Transceivers have a wide variety of applications ranging from low data rate wireless applications (such as mouse and keyboard) to medium data rate Bluetooth and high data rate wireless LAN 802.11 standards.  In networks, it is generally used to allow for the connection between two different types of cable connectors to send and receive signals on the Ethernet network. Transceivers are used in wireless communications to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves in free space. A transceiver comprises three main components: a transmitter, a receiver, and an LO generator or frequency synthesizer. There are typically two input signals to the transceiver front-end, a receive signal and a transmit signal. The function of the transmitter is to modulate, upconvert, and amplify signals for transmission into free space. The function of the receiver is to detect signals in the presence of noise and interference, and provide amplification, downconversion and demodulation of the detected the signal such that it can be displayed or used in a data processor.

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  • Comtech EF Data Corp.
    Offers a complete portfolio of satellite communications products and systems, including digital satellite modems, satellite IP modems, frequency up and down converters, transceivers, low noise and high power amplifiers, satellite network management systems, and IP multicasting solutions. USA.
  • HYC System Optoelectronics Technology
    Manufactures optical cable, fiber optic patch cords, optical coupler, wavelength division multiplexer, optical attenuator, Ethernet optical converter, monitoring optical transmitter and receiver, optical fiber heat sealer, protocol converter, and optical modem. China.
  • Lambda Photonics Inc.
    Manufacture and sales of photonics and networking products, such as erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA), optical amplifier, networking cabling and wiring system, optical transceivers, fiber-optic connectors, and Network cabling accessories. China.
  • Optoway Technology Inc.
    Manufacturer of ethernet transmitter, ethernet receiver, single-mode fiber transceiver, multi-mode fiber transceiver, industrial grade SC / FC / ST transceivers, small form factor (SFF) transceivers, bi-directional transceiver, CWDM transceiver, GBIC transceiver, SFP transceiver, surface-emitted LED, and PIN photodiode. Taiwan, China.
  • VersiVision Inc.
    Designs and manufactures data, voice, and video communications products which provide connectivity solutions between copper and fiber, including fiber modems, security transceivers, optical isolators, multiplexers, media converters, network interface card, clock distribution systems, fiber ethernet switch, and telephone modems.

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