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Networks which connect computers and peripherals within a relatively small area are called local area metworks, (LANs). A typical network includes a number of host computers, a number of workstations and other LAN compatible devices arranged in the proximity of each other for use in office automation, distributed data processing and other situations requiring connection to a common local communication medium. Terminal servers provide connection between terminals which operate asynchronously to transmit data to and receive data from the LAN. The use of remote terminal servers to view data and execute remote applications from connected local nodes has been a common application, particularly in the business sector. The terminal server also provides a node for connection to the LAN. Terminal server connections allow remote nodes to view the results of applications that are actually executed exclusively on a server. The LAN provides for packet data transmission between the terminal server and the host computer. In this way, communication is established between a number of terminals and host computers. Terminal server devices make remote logins, utilizing the TELNET and RLOGIN commands, available to users through a serial port without requiring the users to be logged onto a computer on the network.

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  • Digi International
    Manufacturer of embedded modules, external device servers, single-board computers, terminal servers, remote power manager, network serial concentrators, console servers, USB-to-serial converters, industrial grade USB hubs, ethernet-to-cellular router, cellular VPN router, microprocessors, multiport serial cards, and multi-modem adapters.
  • Equinox Systems
    Manufacturer of terminal server, serial hub, point-of-sale adapters, multiport serial adapters, expandable serial adapters and port modules, multi-modem adapters, flexible distance converters, cables and modular adapters. USA.
  • Perle
    Manufactures terminal and serial servers, console and device servers, multiport serial cards, multimodem cards, print servers, and USB serial adapters to help establish network connectivity across multiple locations, securely transmit critical and sensitive information, remotely monitor and control networked devices and appliances.
  • Sena Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of console servers, terminal servers, serial device servers, wireless device servers, application-specific device servers, and embedded device servers, for device networking solution in the areas of IT/telecommunication, industrial automation, building automation, retail/POS, and medical automation. USA.

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