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A router is a device for switching data packets through the network in order to send them to the destination data terminal equipment. A router routes packets by determining an optimal path based on its current view of the network and forwards the packet across the network boundaries to a destination using the optimal path. A network typically includes a collection of routers interconnected with each other. Each router in a network has an input side with at least one input connected to an adjacent router and an output side with several outputs, each of which is connected to an adjacent router. The router receives a data packet through its input and forwards the data packet to an adjacent router through one of its several outputs. A router uses a routing protocol to exchange information with other routers in order to maintain a consistent view of the network. Routers come in various sizes and capacities. High-performance routers may process packets for many thousands of different end users and provide feature rich, high bandwidth packet routing. A router typicallly includes ports for channeling communication throughout the network, a primary port facility having a single processor, and a router card for controlling the router ports. A router generally includes a base for supporting the router on a workpiece surface, a housing supported by the base and movable relative to the base, and a motor supported by the housing and operable to drive a tool element.

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  • Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of ethernet switch hub, ethernet adapter, broadband internet router, IEEE1394 fireware card, wireless router, CardBus LAN cards, PCMCIA to PCI adapters, USB cards, combo cards, and other network devices. China.
  • Haoli Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of communication and networking products, including broadband router, ethernet ADSL router, modems, ADSL modems, switches, LAN cards, VoIP adaptor, bluetooth products, USB cards, USB hubs and speakers. China.
  • ImageStream Internet Solutions, Inc.
    Supplier of Linux-based LAN and WAN solutions for small offices, corporate LANs and WANs, and Internet backbone providers. Products include high-performance routers, network cards, and network management software. USA.
  • SEG Communications
    Manufacturer of broadband and internet connectivity products, including high performance, award-winning broadband routers for ADSL, cable-modem and ISDN access, with VPN, VoIP and wireless LAN integration. UK.
  • Star-net CommunicationCo., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of access point router, SOHO routers, modular routers, low-end switches, 2 layer switches, 3 layer switches, fixed wireless phones, fixed wireless phones, wireless modems, USB flash memory, fixed wireless terminal, and VoIP voice gateway. China.
  • TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of home and small/medium business networking products, including enterprise broadband routers, managed switches, smart switches, dumb switches, media converters, network adapters, and gigabit ethernet adapters. China.

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